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Germany's Impressive Solar Growth: 1.25 GW Added in January


Germany has continued its remarkable progress in the solar energy sector, with the addition of 1.25 GW of solar capacity in January alone. This brings the total cumulative PV capacity in the country to 82.19 GW by the end of the month, reflecting the ongoing commitment to renewable energy sources.


The Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur) reported that 1,249.7 MW of new PV capacity was installed in January, a substantial increase from the 780 MW added in January 2023 and 1,017.3 MW in December 2023. This growth demonstrates a significant acceleration in the adoption of solar energy within the country.


In terms of deployment, the rooftop segment dominated the landscape in January, boasting around 816.5 MW of new capacity. Additionally, the Bundesnetzagentur disclosed that utility-scale solar plants selected through the PV tender scheme contributed approximately 208.9 MW to the monthly total. Large-scale solar plants operating under power purchase agreements (PPAs) also played a crucial role, adding another 106.2 MW to the mix.


Germany's commitment to solar energy is evident with the substantial increase in PV additions over the years. In 2023, new PV capacity reached an impressive 14.28 GW, following 7.19 GW in 2022, 5.26 GW in 2021, 3.94 GW in 2019, 2.96 GW in 2018, and 1.75 GW in 2017. This consistent growth trajectory highlights the nation's dedication to a sustainable energy future.

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