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Exciting News: ACE Battery Co., Ltd. Secures UL CTDP Laboratory Certification!


We are thrilled to announce a major achievement for ACE Battery Co., Ltd. , one of the leading manufacturers of batteries and battery storage. The company has successfully obtained the UL CTDP laboratory certification from Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a globally recognized safety science organization.


Founded in 1894, UL has a history of more than 120 years. It is a world-renowned independent company engaged in safety science, providing safety testing and certification services for products sold in the international market. Investigations of products by UL typically involve the testing of product samples. While UL maintains extensive facilities for these purposes, customers can also utilize their own testing facilities through UL’s Client Test Data Program. UL established the Client Test Data Program to assist customers wanting to use their own testing facilities.


Recently, ACE Battery Co., Ltd. has passed the audit of the "Client Test Data Program" (hereinafter referred to as CTDP---Client Test Data Program) awarded by UL in the United States, obtaining the UL CTDP laboratory qualification means that manufacturers can conduct tests without the presence of UL engineers on site, and the qualified test data can be directly submitted to UL for review and final report. This certificate is a new and highly valuable laboratory capability accreditation certificate obtained by the company's safety laboratory. It reiterates ACE Battery Co., Ltd.'s unwavering commitment to delivering the utmost safety, performance, and reliability in our products. This prestigious certification validates that our batteries and battery storage meet rigorous quality standards, encompassing functional safety, environmental impact, and interoperability.


To achieve this certification, ACE Battery Co., Ltd. underwent a comprehensive evaluation by UL, covering various aspects such as testing personnel, test equipment, product safety design, performance, and reliability. By meeting these strict criteria, this certification not only showcases the company's competence in designing and producing battery systems but also enhances its reputation as a trusted provider of energy storage solutions. With the UL CTDP laboratory certification in hand, ACE Battery Co., Ltd. is now better positioned to seize new opportunities in the global market. The certification assures customers that their battery and battery storage meet stringent international safety standards.


The Client Test Data Program (CTDP) is available to all qualified UL customers with previous experience in the Witnessed Test Data Program (WTDP), for UL1642, UL2054, UL2271, UL1973 (LIMITED IN BATTERY CELL), UL2580 (LIMITED IN BATTERY CELL), and UL62368-1 standard testings.


We take immense pride in this achievement and eagerly anticipate more groundbreaking innovations from ACE Battery Co., Ltd. in the future.


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