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ACE Battery: "Shenzhen Specialized, Fined, Peculiar and Innovative SME" and "Innovative SME"


Recently, the Service Bureau for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises of Shenzhen Municipality announced the list of "Specialized, Fined, Peculiar, and Innovative" SMEs for 2022. SHENZHEN ACE BATTERY CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "ACE Battery") has been successfully selected through a rigorous selection process, thanks to our years of meticulous cultivation in the field of lithium batteries. In addition, ACE Battery has previously been recognized as an innovative SME in Shenzhen in 2022.


"Innovative SMEs" refers to companies with high levels of specialization, strong innovation capabilities, and development potential. They possess comprehensive and sustained innovation abilities in areas such as technology, branding, systems, management, and culture, serving as a certification of their innovation capacity.



The SMEs initiative, implemented by the government to guide the development of small and medium-sized enterprises towards specialization, finesse, distinctiveness, and innovation, is a significant project aimed at enhancing their capacity for independent innovation and core competitiveness, as well as improving the overall quality and level of development among SMEs. These enterprises focus on niche markets, demonstrate strong innovation capabilities, possess high market shares, master key core technologies, and deliver excellent quality and efficiency, making them benchmarks in their respective industries. ACE Battery's inclusion in the list of "Specialized, Fined, Peculiar and Innovative" SMEs in Shenzhen is a recognition of our technological and market advantages.


Specialized: Dedicated to the Clean Energy Market

ACE Battery is dedicated to our core business and excels in specialized production, service, and collaborative capabilities. Since our establishment, we have actively immersed ourselves in the clean energy market. As a forward-thinking new energy enterprise committed to environmental protection and sustainable development, we relentlessly explore the path of sustainable growth. Through continuous innovation and technological advancements, we passionately drive the application and widespread adoption of clean energy solutions in society.


Fined: Meticulous Production and Operations

In our pursuit of excellence, ACE Battery places great emphasis on meticulous production, management, and service, striving for high-quality products and services. ACE Battery attaches great importance to quality assurance and systems, with multiple certifications obtained and a TÜV Rheinland / UL CTDP & WTDP authorized laboratory in place, ensuring the quality of our products and services.


Peculiar: In-depth Layout in Specific Fields

With a strong focus on clean energy storage, ACE Battery excels in providing global customers with advanced digital and intelligent technology solutions in clean energy through technological innovation. ACE Battery has been involved in the entire lithium-ion battery industry chain with a comprehensive and strategic layout, showcasing our core competitiveness in this field.


Innovative: Driven by Innovation

With over 400 R&D employees working in global R&D centers, ACE Group leverages collaborations with many academic institutions, labs, and multinational companies worldwide to develop its robust technological capabilities and establish an advanced and efficient technology innovation system. ACE Battery is committed to driving scenario-based innovation with digitalization and intelligentization as the core, aiming to become a global leader in clean energy with digital and intelligent solutions and services.


This acknowledgment of receiving dual accolades not only recognizes our past achievements but also motivates us for future development. In the future, ACE Battery will continue to leverage our technological and market advantages, persistently explore innovation and creativity, relentlessly pursue product quality, delve into market demands, continuously optimize products and services, and create more value for customers. Additionally, ACE Battery will actively fulfill our social responsibilities by empowering the national new energy industry through innovative technologies and business models, contributing to global environmental causes.


About ACE Battery

ACE BATTERY began as a leader in the field of industrial battery packs and now aims to become an established energy storage brand. The company is dedicated to becoming a global leader in clean energy with digital and intelligent solutions, ushering in the global energy transition. ACE BATTERY has been involved in the entire lithium-ion battery industry chain and provides an extensive range of clean energy solutions and services across multiple fields, including energy storage, special vehicles, medical equipment, UPS, and solar storage charging and inspection. ACE BATTERY serves customers worldwide and is a core partner of many Fortune 500 companies.

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