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HomeNewsACE Battery and Powin Enter into Strategic Partnership to Drive Innovation in BESS Industry

ACE Battery and Powin Enter into Strategic Partnership to Drive Innovation in BESS Industry


ACE Battery and the leading designer and developer of battery energy storage solutions Powin recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement in the city of Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. James Zhao, Founder & CEO of ACE Battery, and Jason Eschenbrenner, VP Global Procurement of Powin, signed the agreement.


Powin is a global leader in the design and integration of battery energy storage systems. Before the huge market potential of large-scale battery energy storage is tapped, Powin has provided market-leading high-quality solutions through its global battery supply chain relationships. ACE Battery has been committed to developing green energy technologies, providing customers with high-performance clean energy products and services. By establishing long-term strategic partnerships with partners in various industries, ACE Battery aims to achieve common prosperity and development.


The strategic cooperation agreement further deepens ACE Battery's partnership with Powin. Both parties will continue to leverage their respective resource and technological advantages to improve supply-demand coordination, propel overseas expansion, and develop a business model centering on battery energy storage systems. The two parties will develop high-performance products with efficiency and synergy, and improve innovation capabilities and efficiency based on technological cooperation, thus delivering sustainable energy storage solutions to drive the global energy transition.

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