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Annual General Meeting of ACE Battery on Friday, 22 December 2023


Shenzhen ACE Battery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "ACE Battery") is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of its 2023 Annual General Meeting, which took place on December 22nd. This meeting served as a comprehensive platform to evaluate the company's financial standing, performance over the past year, and governance, providing detailed insights into ACE Battery's strategic direction for 2024. The strategic discussions held during the meeting have laid a robust foundation for shaping ACE Battery's future trajectory.


ACE Battery extends its sincere gratitude to all attending shareholders, acknowledging their steadfast trust and unwavering support throughout the preceding year. Despite global economic fluctuations, this consistent support has enabled the company to maintain a relatively stable operational stance, positioning ACE Battery for further opportunities in the future. The company pledges to reinforce innovation, bolster core competitiveness, elevate brand reputation, and enhance operational efficiency as a token of appreciation for the trust placed by its shareholders.


During the Annual General Meeting, ACE Battery presented a comprehensive report on its financial status and order situation for the year 2023. The exceptional teamwork and continuous innovation within the company have laid a solid foundation. Financially, the company maintained a consistently stable operational status. Through effective organizational optimization and market expansion efforts, ACE Battery further fortified its market adaptability and competitiveness, providing a dependable framework for future development.


Founder and Chairman, James Zhao, outlined the strategic plan for 2024 during the meeting. This plan encompasses optimizing the organizational structure, implementing strategic initiatives for market expansion, comprehensive planning for research and development, and refining the capital strategy. The company emphasizes its ongoing focus on overseas markets, aiming to enhance ACE Battery's competitiveness in the international arena through global deployment.


ACE Battery actively aligns with the green manufacturing trend, assuming responsibility for spearheading industry development and serving global customers. With an outstanding team, forward-thinking product planning, and a well-established global industrial chain layout, the company is dedicated to becoming a leading international green energy enterprise. Recognizing the significance of green high-end manufacturing, ACE Battery will steadfastly contribute to the advancement of global green high-end manufacturing, thereby playing a pivotal role in building a more sustainable future.


ACE Battery sincerely invites more partners to join its ranks, fostering collaboration to propel the clean energy industry forward and collectively shape a brighter tomorrow.

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