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ACE Battery brilliantly debuts it's one-stop energy storage solution at Cleanpower


The prestigious 2024 AMERICA CLEANPOWER, an international clean energy exhibition, grandly opened in Minnesota on May 7, local time. ACE Battery showcased its flagship energy storage products at the global clean energy industry event, demonstrating its innovative capabilities and superior quality in the clean energy sector.

As a leader in the clean energy sector, ACE Battery has been committed to providing efficient, safe, and intelligent energy solutions for clients worldwide. Exhibiting is not only a comprehensive showcase of our technical strength and brand image, but also a valuable opportunity for us to communicate and learn with industry peers and potential partners. Through this exhibition, we hope to jointly explore the future of clean energy with more like-minded partners and jointly promote industry progress.

ACE Battery, with over a decade of manufacturing experience, has developed a comprehensive and robust research, development and production service system for the energy storage industry. ACE Battery provides one-stop solutions for customers, from battery cells, modules, BMS, battery packs to systems. ACE Battery's one-stop energy storage solution attracted many visitors for in-depth discussions at the exhibition site. The home energy storage system displayed uses an integrated design to significantly shorten the power conversion process, reduce energy loss, and support multiple hybrid power supply modes to meet diverse household power needs. The products strictly follow UL9540A certification standards to ensure high standards in safety, aesthetics, and reliability. They were highly praised by visitors. The exhibition not only demonstrated ACE Battery's professional strength as an industry leader but also its firm commitment to promoting clean energy development. The head of overseas sales at ACE Battery said, "We are honored to participate in this exhibition and showcase our home energy storage system to the world. Complying with UL9540A certification standards not only proves our product quality and technical strength, but also strengthens our resolve to provide green, efficient, and intelligent energy solutions for households worldwide."

Home energy storage systems are an important direction for future energy development. Through continuous technological innovation and product upgrades, ACE Battery has achieved a perfect combination of efficiency, environmental protection, and intelligence in their home energy storage systems, providing a more convenient and reliable energy solution for families worldwide.

Looking forward, ACE Battery will continue to increase research and development efforts and technological innovation, constantly introducing higher quality products and services, contributing more to the global clean energy industry. Let's look forward to more exciting performances from AnShi New Energy in the field of clean energy!

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