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ACE Battery Obtains New UL Accreditations and Qualifications, Upgrading Product Quality Management


Recently, SHENZHEN ACE BATTERY CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "ACE Battery") was awarded UL2580 product certification for four types of battery packs with specifications of 25.6V/50Ah, 25.6V/100Ah, 25.6V/150Ah, and 25.6V/200Ah, issued by UL Solution, a global safety science expert. We also obtained a Witness Test Data Program (WTDP) laboratory qualification certificate for UL2580 & UL1973. This marks a solid step forward for the company in the research and development, quality management, and international market promotion of industrial vehicles and energy storage batteries.


UL2580 is a safety standard for automotive power batteries that covers the requirements for battery cells and systems. It is a dual-national standard for the United States and Canada. Unlike conventional battery standards, the UL2580 standard includes comprehensive requirements not only for strict testing requirements, but also for battery structure, functional safety, labeling, and instructions. According to NFPA 505, electric industrial vehicles must be certified by UL 583, and their battery packs must be certified under either UL2580 or UL2271. Obtaining this certification verifies the excellent quality and stable performance of ACE Battery's industrial vehicle batteries.


UL1973 is the world's first safety standard for energy storage systems, covering various types of energy storage batteries used for photovoltaics, wind power, backup power, and communication base stations. It includes evaluations of the battery structure and safety testing. With the UL2580 & UL1973 WTDP laboratory qualification certificate, ACE Battery can conduct comprehensive testing of its products using its laboratory equipment, under the on-site witness of UL engineering and technical experts. The WTDP qualification authorization can save time on sample transportation, waiting for testing, and problem rectification, effectively shortening the product testing cycle and improving testing efficiency. Obtaining this qualification not only affirms UL's recognition of ACE Battery's technical and R&D capabilities but also reflects ACE Battery's high regard for the safety of its products.


ACE Battery is committed to producing high-quality lithium battery products and providing excellent power solutions for electric industrial vehicles. The company strives to optimize its production process, techniques, and equipment to increase efficiency and provide high-quality product services to customers. Obtaining the UL2580 certification and the UL2580 & UL1973 WTDP laboratory qualification certificate is a dual recognition of ACE Battery's technological innovation and product quality and an important milestone for the company to expand its international market and promote its battery product brand.


"ACE Battery has always been committed to becoming a global leader in clean energy with digital and intelligent solutions and services. Cooperation with UL will further improve the comprehensiveness and scientific nature of our product safety testing. In the future, we look forward to working with more customers and partners to jointly promote global energy transformation!", said James, Zhao, the founder and chairman of ACE Battery.


ACE Battery began as a leader in the field of industrial battery packs and now aims to become an established energy storage brand. The company is dedicated to becoming a global leader in clean energy with digital and intelligent solutions, ushering in the global energy transition. ACE Battery has been involved in the entire lithium-ion battery industry chain and provides an extensive range of clean energy solutions and services across multiple fields, including energy storage, special vehicles, medical equipment, UPS, and solar storage charging and inspection. ACE Battery serves customers worldwide and is a core partner of many Fortune 500 companies.



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