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ACE Battery debuts at the 2024 Netherlands Interclean exhibition, unveiling high-performance floor sweeper batteries


The InterClean Amsterdam 2024, Europe's largest cleaning expo, was held grandly from May 14 to 17 local time in The Netherlands. ACE Battery made a remarkable appearance with its star product, the industrial sweeping machine battery. As a global event for the cleaning and maintenance industry, InterClean attracted much attention from within and outside the industry. ACE Battery, with its high-performing and eco-friendly new energy products, won widespread attention from the onsite audience.

Since its establishment, ACE Battery has been committed to the research and application of new energy technology, with green, efficient, and sustainable being its core principles, providing high-quality energy solutions for global users. At this exhibition, ACE Battery brought its star product, the industrial sweeping machine batteries, demonstrating the company's innovative strength and technical level in the field of new energy.

At the exhibition, ACE Battery 's industrial sweeper battery became the focus with its outstanding performance and innovative design. The battery uses Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery unit and can meet high-power discharge needs, with a deep-discharge efficiency of up to 99%. The battery supports quick charging, ensuring uninterrupted work of the sweeper and offering a high-quality user experience. Furthermore, the battery is equipped with a dedicated charger and intelligent battery management system, featuring IP65 waterproof and dustproof functionality, ensuring safe use. This sweeper battery is compact and portable, with an energy density three times that of traditional lead-acid batteries. It does not require any maintenance, greatly enhancing user experience and use efficiency. These advantages give ACE Battery's sweeper battery a broad application prospect in the cleaning and maintenance industry.

Interclean exhibition is the global grand gathering for the cleaning and maintenance industry. Since its inception in 1967, it has developed into an important platform to showcase the highest standards of cleaning equipment, tools, supplies, materials, and technology from around the world. The exhibition brings together numerous well-known companies and experts globally to discuss the future development trends of the cleaning and maintenance industry.

As a member of the new energy industry, ACE Battery not only demonstrated its technical strength and product advantages at the exhibition, but also had in-depth exchanges and cooperation with peers worldwide. In the future, ACE Battery will continue to uphold its mission of providing green energy solutions to customers, continuously promote the innovation and development of new energy technology, and contribute to the global environmental protection cause.

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