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ACE Battery Introduces Next-Generation Innovation and Showcases Latest Energy Storage Product Portfolio at Intersolar Europe 2024


MUNICH, June 20, 2024 -- ACE Battery, a leading global manufacturer and innovator in energy storage solutions, is proudly presenting its extensive range of world-class ESS products at booth C2.214 at The Smarter E Europe (Intersolar/ESS) 2024, Europe's top event for the renewable energy industry.

Launch of New All-in-one Residential ESS

At the exhibition, ACE Battery is showcasing its latest all-in-one residential energy storage system, the PE20-H2. This system features a highly integrated design incorporating PCS, BMS, and EMS (3S) technologies. With a quick-insert design for both power and battery modules, the PE20-H2 significantly reduces installation time and costs, ensuring a swift and efficient setup. The system boasts an impressive lifespan, supporting over 7000 cycles.

World's Residential Energy Storage Battery with Pre-lithiation Technology

ACE Battery has also recently launched its groundbreaking residential energy storage battery featuring pre-lithiation technology, making it the first company globally to implement this innovation in residential energy storage. This technology addresses the issue of lithium consumption during cell cycles, which typically reduces capacity, cycle life, and energy density. The pre-lithiation technology enhances efficiency, delivering optimal performance from the first cycle, preventing degradation for the first three years, extending the warranty from 10 to 20 years, and increasing the cycle life from 7000 to 12000 cycles.


Global Integration and Full-Chain Solutions

ACE Battery is participating as an expert speaker at the "14th PV Briefing & Networking Forum - Europe" during this year's Intersolar Europe. Hosted by IBESA and Intersolar Europe, our speaking slot is scheduled for June 20th from 1:46-1:54 PM. Our speaker will share insights on the necessity of globalization and ACE Battery's global development strategy. This strategy includes setting up local manufacturing in the EU, NA, and Asia to address the importance of globalization.

About ACE Battery

Established in 2014, ACE Battery offers comprehensive solutions and services for clean energy storage, including battery cells, battery modules, battery packs, and energy storage systems. With robust R&D centers, ACE has developed advanced technological capabilities and an efficient innovation system. The company places great emphasis on quality assurance, holding global certifications and TUV/UL CTDP-authorized labs. Serving customers worldwide, ACE is a key partner for many Fortune 500 companies.

For more information, please contact sales@acebattery.com

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