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Motive Power Batteries

At ACE Battery, we specialize in providing motive power battery solutions for various applications, including Flooring Cleaning Machine Batteries, Medical Cart BatteriesAerial Work Platform Batteries, Two Wheeler batteries and RV Batteries.


Our lithium-ion battery packs are leveraged across an array of sectors such as aerial work platform, industrial cleaning, and medical care, offering safety, efficiency, and flexibility. By using advanced industry production equipment and design concepts, we ensure extended battery life, superior performance, and product consistency.


We're not just a supplier; we're a one-stop solution for your battery needs. Our services encompass custom-made lithium-ion battery pack design, manufacturing, testing, certification, and sales. We pride ourselves on our unique advantages in product ID and structural design, Battery Management Systems (BMS), automated flexible production, quality management, and safety protection.


At ACE Battery, our commitment to quality and safety is unwavering. As a leading manufacturer of lithium-ion battery packs, we provide portable solutions that are both high-quality and secure. Interested in exploring our offerings? Get in touch with us today!