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UAE Startup Introduces Floating Platform for Offshore Solar Panels

Floating Man, a company based in Dubai, is in the midst of discussions to launch an innovative offshore solar structure. This structure, utilizing advanced floating technology, would span 900 square meters and have the capacity to hold around 200 solar panels.

Dubai's Floating Man, a pioneer in floating structures, has unveiled an innovative offshore solar platform. The company's CEO, Mehdi Honarvar, shared that they are currently finalizing deals for the system's deployment.

Honarvar explained, “We're exploring potential sites for a pilot project. This technology is groundbreaking, particularly for open-sea applications. Many nations are shifting from land-based to floating solar power.”

The company's announcement highlighted the structure's durability, withstanding winds up to 160 km/h and boasting a 30-year lifespan. It's constructed from steel with a corrosion-resistant coating and relies on 30 floating pontoons for stability.

Honarvar emphasized, “Our pontoons greatly enhance safety in extreme weather. We also hold a patent for an offshore floating breakwater, which can protect floating solar projects.”

The dimensions of each floating platform are substantial, measuring 900 square meters in area, and capable of supporting 200 solar modules. These modules can be as powerful as 700 W each, with the entire setup, including panels, weighing around 50,000 kg.

The company also noted the flexibility in panel installation, accommodating even bifacial modules.

They added, “Our design effectively guards against flooding in 2-meter waves, eliminating the need for a separate wave breaker. The structure itself cancels out about 45% of wave action. It's also resilient against high tides with significant water level variations.”

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