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Leading the Green Future: ACE Battery Recognized on "Top 100 Shenzhen Industry Leaders 2023" List


ACE Battery, renowned in the clean energy sector, proudly secured its position on the esteemed "Top 100 Shenzhen Industry Leaders 2023" list for the second time. This accolade reaffirms ACE Battery's exceptional standing and continuous innovation in the realm of clean energy.


The annual "Top 100 Shenzhen Industry Leaders 2023" selection highlights influential, authoritative, and exemplary enterprises across various sectors in Shenzhen. It serves as a testament to the innovative achievements of leading companies in Shenzhen's diverse industries, acknowledging their substantial contributions to both their respective sectors and Shenzhen's high-quality development.



This selection process, lasting six months, involves recommendations from various institutions, company applications, corporate investigations, and expert evaluations. From these evaluations, 100 companies with strategic importance and innovative leadership in specific sectors, as well as 100 industry leaders based on indicators such as company valuation and revenue, are chosen to form the list.


ACE Battery has gained industry acclaim for its outstanding position in clean energy and lithium-ion battery technology. The company is dedicated to providing global customers with exceptional new energy digital solutions through technological innovation, propelling society toward a greener and more sustainable future. As a pioneer in the industry, ACE Battery continuously explores cutting-edge technologies and expands technological boundaries. The company firmly integrates green technology into the design and production of every product, aiming to create more efficient and environmentally friendly clean energy solutions.



Simultaneously, ACE Battery actively participates in the global green energy market, expands international collaborations, strengthens its presence in overseas markets, and promotes the exchange and cooperation of clean energy technologies internationally. Through continuous innovation and optimized services, ACE Battery has established a strong reputation in the global new energy market.


Reclaiming its spot on the list signifies the industry's high regard and continued recognition for ACE Battery's innovation, driving force, influence, and corporate social responsibility. It also acknowledges ACE Battery's exemplary role as a leader in the clean energy sector.


Looking ahead, ACE Battery will intensify its research and development efforts, collaborating with domestic and international partners to explore new technologies, materials, and processes. The aim is to enhance energy conversion efficiency and drive innovation and application of clean energy technologies. Simultaneously, ACE Battery will continue its commitment to corporate social responsibility, focusing on environmental protection and public welfare. The company encourages participation from all sectors of society in the cause of sustainable development. Through sustained efforts and innovation, ACE Battery will expand its business horizons, making greater contributions to constructing a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future.



Attached: List of Top 100 Enterprises (in no particular order)

1.         BYD Company Limited

2.         Sunwoda Electronic Co., Ltd.

3.         Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics Co., Ltd.

4.         GEM Co., Ltd

5.         BTR New Materials Group Co., Ltd.

6.         Optimize Integration Group

7.         TP-Link Technologies Co., Ltd.

8.         Shenzhen Ktc Technology Co.,Ltd.

9.         Shenzhen Capchem Technology Co., Ltd.

10.              Shenzhen YHLO Biotech Co., Ltd.

11.     Shenzhen Zhouming Technology Co., Ltd.

12.     Guangdong Youyou Network Technology Co., Ltd.

13.     Ecoflow Inc.

14.     Shenzhen Dongxin Era Information Technology Co., Ltd.

15.     Shenzhen Building Decoration (Group) Co., Ltd.

16.     Hainengda Communication Co., Ltd.

17.     Ying Stone Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.

18.     Shenzhen Hangsheng Electronics Co., Ltd.

19.     Shenzhen Simu Information Technology Co., Ltd.

20.     Shenzhen Xingyuan Material Technology Co., Ltd.

21.     Shenzhen Oulu Tong Electronic Co., Ltd.

22.     Shenzhen Kaihong Digital Industrial Development Co., Ltd.

23.     Seevy Era Technology Co., Ltd.

24.     Shenzhen Jinjia Group Co., Ltd.

25.     Shenzhen Xintai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

26.     Shenzhen Baitai Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd.

27.     Shenzhen Jiepute Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

28.     Shenzhen Maoxiong Industrial Co., Ltd.

29.     Shenzhen Dashi Intelligent Co., Ltd.

30.     Shenzhen Yidao Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

31.     Shenzhen Jiyang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

32.     Cloud Whale Intelligent Innovation (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

33.     Shenzhen Guoci Yongfengyuan Co., Ltd.

34.     Shenzhen Jimi IoT Co., Ltd.

35.     Shenzhen Jimi Internet of Things Co., Ltd.

36.     Shenzhen Zongjiang Technology Co., Ltd.

37.     Shenzhen Haishuo Innovative Technology Co., Ltd.

38.     Shenzhen Basba Technology Development Co., Ltd.

39.     Shenzhen EasyLink Technology Co., Ltd.

40.     Shenzhen Water New Material Co., Ltd.

41.     Shenzhen Fuwo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

42.     Shenzhen United Aircraft Technology Co., Ltd.

43.     Shenzhen Weizhao Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

44.     Shenzhen Kunyun Information Technology Co., Ltd.

45.     Feiyada Precision Technology Co., Ltd.

46.     Shenzhen Haipolos Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

47.     Shenzhen Golden Ring Universe Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.

48.     Shenzhen Huaqiu Electronics Co., Ltd.

49.     CITIC Bank Credit Card Center

50.     Shenzhen Langke Technology Co., Ltd.

51.     Shengshi Technology Co., Ltd.


53.     Youai Zhihe Robotics Technology Co., Ltd.

54.     Shenzhen Hengqu Electric Co., Ltd.

55.     Shenzhen Zhongji Automation Co., Ltd.

56.     Shenzhen Daget Technology Co., Ltd.

57.     Silk Road Vision Technology Co., Ltd.

58.     China Security and Fire Co., Ltd.

59.     China National Security Group Co., Ltd.

60.     Frank Technologies (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

61.     China Huaxi Corporation

62.     Shenzhen Ningyuan Technology Co., Ltd.

63.     Shenzhen Liderming Technology Co., Ltd.

64.     Shenzhen Renhao Furniture Development Co., Ltd.

65.     Shenzhen Jingzhida Technology Co., Ltd.

66.     Fangda Intelligent Source Technology Co., Ltd.

67.     Shenzhen Xingguangda Jewelry and Ornaments Industry Co., Ltd.

68.     Shenzhen Baoxin Chuang Technology Co., Ltd.

69.     Shenzhen Dimei Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

70.     Shenzhen Lamiku Technology Co., Ltd.

71.     Shenzhen Police Wing Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

72.     Guangdong Yidong Technology Co., Ltd.

73.     Shenzhen Mifei Tech Co., Ltd.

74.     Shenzhen Tailede Medical Co., Ltd.

75.     Shenzhen Hard City Information Technology Co., Ltd.

76.     Hualian Development Group Co., Ltd.

77.     Shenzhen Hangshun Chip Technology R&D Co., Ltd.

78.     Shenzhen Huake Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.

79.     UP Tea (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd.

80.     Shenzhen Qianhai Handpaint Technology and Culture Co., Ltd.

81.     Shenzhen Gino Technology Co., Ltd.

82.     Great Wall Property Group Co., Ltd.

83.     Shenzhen Yuanrong Qixing Technology Co., Ltd.

84.     Shenzhen Hekouwei Food Co., Ltd.

85.     Shenzhen Qinglan Era Power Technology Co., Ltd.

86.     Shenzhen Zhenyuan Dexin Power Technology Co., Ltd.

87.     Shenzhen Frame Vision Tech Co., Ltd.

88.     Chengtian International Supply Chain (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

89.     Shenzhen Kangtaijian Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

90.     Shenzhen Zhuiyi Technology Co., Ltd.

91.     Shenzhen Shen'an Enterprise Co., Ltd.

92.     Revothink (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd.

93.     Shenzhen Lefan Information Technology Co., Ltd.

94.     Lingya Energy Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

95.     Shenzhen Leishen Intelligent System Co., Ltd.

96.     Shenzhen Lingshen Intelligent System Co., Ltd.

97.     Xiwang New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

98.     Shenzhen Gallop Design Co., Ltd.

99.     Shenzhen Sanjiang Electric Co., Ltd.

100.  Shenzhen Bosheng Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.


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