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EU Plans to Phase Out Fossil Fuel-Powered Boilers by 2040

The European Parliament and Council have tentatively decided to eliminate fossil-fuel boilers within the next 20 years. This is part of a broader plan to enhance infrastructure energy efficiency. The European Heat Pump Association (EHPA), the leading organization for heat pumps in Europe, has expressed its support for these initiatives.

The European Parliament and Council are on the brink of formally agreeing to phase out fossil fuel-powered boilers by 2040. This decision is part of a larger plan to increase energy efficiency in buildings across Europe.


According to the European Commission, if this agreement gets official backing, subsidies for installing fossil fuel boilers will end by 2025. Additionally, public buildings will be required to have zero on-site emissions by 2028, and all other building types will need to meet this standard by 2030.


The Brussels-based European Heat Pump Association (EHPA), which advocates for heat pumps as the primary heating and cooling solution by 2030, has voiced its approval of this plan. EHPA Secretary General Thomas Nowak highlighted that setting a definitive date for ending fossil fuel heating in European buildings provides vital guidance for consumers and paves a clear path for the heating sector. He emphasized that investing in heat pump technology is now a secure, future-oriented decision.


Nowak also mentioned that the adoption of this policy by the European Parliament and Council could lead to the creation of thousands of jobs in Europe.


Member States will be tasked with developing laws to enforce the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, as stated by the European Commission. This directive is a key component of the European Union's efforts to reduce carbon emissions in its infrastructure, with buildings accounting for 40% of the region's energy usage.


Wopke Hoekstra, the European Council Commissioner for Climate Action, noted that the technology for environmentally friendly heating and cooling of buildings is already available. However, a more compelling business case is needed to encourage the renovation of outdated infrastructure. The directive aims to address this by mobilizing additional financing and stimulating construction value chains.


Furthermore, the European Commission mentioned that the directive includes a provision to ensure buildings are ready for solar technology starting from 2027, as it's expected to become a standard feature.


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