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Clean Energy is the Way of the Future


Clean energy is becoming increasingly clear and it is unavoidable for Australia and the world. According to Clean Energy Council CEO Kane Thornton, the transition to clean energy is not just a necessity, but also a remarkable opportunity.


Once Australia establishes its clean energy infrastructure, strengthens its grid, improves social practices, and fully embraces clean energy, everyone will benefit. Not only will it provide economic growth and diversification, but it will also create countless new jobs and lower energy prices for all Australians. This is especially important as Australia's manufacturing sector has been in decline for decades. 


Australia also has a significant advantage in the green export industry, thanks to its abundant mineral resources. Minerals like iridium and rhodium will play a crucial role in building the necessary infrastructure for the clean energy transition worldwide.


Unfortunately, there has been a noticeable slowdown in clean energy investment in 2023. The Clean Energy Council's Renewable Projects Quarterly Report for Q3 2023 revealed that only two new projects with a total capacity of 161 MW received financial commitment. This is one of the lowest quarters for new capacity investments since 2017.


While the Australian government has taken some commendable steps to support clean energy, more needs to be done to address the challenges and speed up the transition. The Clean Energy Council has published the Power Playbook, which outlines the necessary steps to position Australia's economy as a winner in the global energy transition to net-zero emissions.


It is crucial for Australia to embrace its green future urgently. By doing so, the country can seize the enormous opportunities presented by clean energy and ensure a sustainable and prosperous future for all.

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