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ACE Battery Unveils Cutting-Edge Energy Storage Solutions at Solar Solutions Düsseldorf 2023




On November 29th and 30th, ACE Battery showcased its innovative residential and commercial energy storage solutions at the globally influential Solar Solutions Düsseldorf 2023, held at the Düsseldorf Convention Center in Germany. Drawing attention from diverse industry professionals and enthusiasts, this exhibition marks a splendid conclusion to ACE Battery's eventful exhibition series for the year.



ACE Battery unveiled comprehensive energy storage system solutions, encompassing energy storage systems, energy storage batteries, and energy storage inverters for both commercial and residential applications. For residential settings, ACE Battery introduced its latest innovation, the all-in-one residential energy storage system, promising users a more convenient and efficient installation experience. This system supports PV, Grid, and battery power to meet household electricity needs. Through power management, the system maximizes cost savings on electricity expenses and ensures the protection of critical loads. Its outstanding performance and striking appearance attracted numerous visitors and industry professionals for in-depth discussions. Additionally, the company showcased a modular, fast-plug, safe, and efficient stacked ultra-thin home energy storage system with a large capacity, catering to a broader range of user needs from 7.6kWh to 113.6kWh. For the commercial energy storage market, ACE Battery introduced an efficient and cost-effective commercial energy storage system for convenient installation and operation, providing customers with an optimal solution for cost reduction and efficiency improvement. With its high-quality and attention-grabbing products, ACE Battery gained significant attention and engagement at the exhibition.



Amidst the European energy crisis, European recognition of economically viable residential solar storage has surged, triggering explosive growth in solar storage demand. On October 9th, the European Parliament approved the revised Renewable Energy Directive, aiming to substantially increase the share of renewable energy in overall energy consumption from the previous 32% to 42.5% by 2030, with an additional indicative supplement of 2.5% to achieve a 45% target. Germany, pioneering energy transformation in the early 1990s, has consistently led in Europe and globally, standing out as one of the most representative markets in the European solar storage market. Rystad Energy estimates that Germany's new photovoltaic installations in 2023 are expected to achieve 13.5GW, setting a historic record for the country and all European nations.



ACE Battery deeply understands the European and German energy storage market and grid requirements, continually advancing its overseas market layout. With years of business experience in the European market, the company has accumulated a wealth of customer resources and extensive industry service experience, establishing a good reputation in the domestic and international new energy markets. ACE Battery is confident in providing more industry-leading energy storage system solutions for customers worldwide, contributing to a more efficient and environmentally friendly clean energy market.



In the future, ACE Battery will continue to explore key energy technologies, enhance the innovation capability of energy storage battery products, and provide more efficient, stable, and secure intelligent energy storage products. ACE Battery looks forward to joining hands with partners to create a brighter future for clean energy.

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