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ACE Battery Clinched "Investment Value of the Year" at 2023 Gaogong Gold Ball Awards


On December 16, ACE Battery proudly accepted the esteemed "Investment Value of the Year" award at the 2023 Gaogong "Global Trends, Power of China" Gold Ball Awards. This recognition not only signifies a comprehensive acknowledgment of ACE Battery's prowess in R&D, innovation, and market expansion but also serves as a significant affirmation of its outstanding performance in the energy storage sector.


Currently, the energy storage industry is at a pivotal juncture of rapid development. The global demand for clean energy continues to surge, presenting substantial developmental opportunities for the energy storage sector on a global scale. Energy storage systems not only contribute flexibility and sustainability to the power system but also serve as the core engine propelling the transition to clean energy. Especially within the context of the global transformation of energy structures, the energy storage industry is increasingly emerging as a pivotal area for addressing challenges in energy storage and distribution.



The "2023 Gaogong Gold Ball Award," organized by the Gaogong Industry Institute, aims to provide a platform for showcasing products and corporate brands that establish credibility in the industry. It encourages technological innovation and inspires companies to pursue excellence. Termed the "Oscar" of the energy storage industry, this award, through active participation from enterprises across the sector, not only offers an opportunity to showcase products and brands but also sets industry benchmarks by selecting outstanding products and brands, guiding the industry toward healthy competition.



As a leader in the energy storage industry, ACE Battery has successfully distinguished itself with outstanding technical strength and innovative solutions. The company provides integrated energy storage solutions with a comprehensive industry chain layout for both commercial and residential sectors, offering users efficient and reliable energy storage options. With the endorsement of the "Investment Value of the Year" award, ACE Battery's position will be further solidified, injecting new momentum into the sustainable development of the industry.


Presently, the global energy storage industry is entering a new era, marked by a cyclical development stage and intensified competition. As one of the leaders in this field, ACE Battery will continue to deepen its involvement in the energy storage sector, adhere to the spirit of innovation, increase research and development efforts, expand the global market, and provide global customers with higher quality and smarter energy solutions.



ACE Battery is dedicated to becoming a global leader in clean energy with digital and intelligent solutions, ushering in the global energy transition. We sincerely invite industry partners and investors to join us, collaborate, and together embark on a new chapter in the field of clean energy.

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