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ACE Battery Stands Out at Intersolar North America 2024



ACE Battery proudly stood at the forefront during the opening of Intersolar North America on January 17th, where we showcased our pioneering technologies and solutions. This renowned expo, dedicated to leading solar and energy storage technologies, served as an ideal platform for sharing cutting-edge innovations. As the inaugural event of 2024, ACE Battery seized this opportunity to reaffirm our dominant position in the energy storage technology sector.


At the exhibition, we unveiled our groundbreaking energy storage solutions, including integrated systems, batteries, inverters, and comprehensive solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Notably, we introduced a low-voltage residential energy storage system tailored to the North American market. This system boasts an all-in-one design, minimizing energy loss and offering support for various power supply modes to meet household needs while optimizing energy management and reducing costs.


In the industrial and commercial sectors, our highly secure integrated energy storage systems offer rapid deployment and flexible configuration, ensuring stability and emergency backup power, especially when integrated with solar photovoltaic systems.



Throughout the expo, we engaged in extensive discussions with industry experts, partners, and customers, showcasing our expertise and expanding our global network. With the increasing demand for renewable energy and energy storage technology in North America, ACE Battery is poised to play a vital role in balancing renewable energy output, ensuring grid stability, and enhancing energy efficiency.


The North American energy storage market is rapidly evolving, with energy storage technology gaining recognition for its role in achieving renewable energy goals and reducing carbon emissions. According to BloombergNEF, North America is projected to account for 21% of global added energy storage capacity by 2030.


As a leading energy storage technology company, ACE Battery remains committed to expanding our global presence, particularly in North America. We are dedicated to developing efficient, reliable, and sustainable energy storage solutions tailored to local needs. Moving forward, we will continue our active participation in global energy storage industry activities, collaborating with stakeholders to advance the application of energy storage technology and unlock a brighter future for sustainable energy.





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