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UPS Backup Battery

UPS Backup Battery


Product Introduction of 512V-100Ah UPS Battery

The ACE Encore series Li-ion UPS batteries are developed for rack mounted. This series integrates ACE high energy density and high-rate cells with dedicated battery management system (BMS) to provide system reliability and improved performance. This series is designed as a perfect match for power backup of data centers and offices,

especially under high-rate discharge circumstances.

Product Features of 512V-100Ah UPS Battery

  • Integrated with fully-automatically produced LFP prismatic 50 Ah cells, ensuring excellent consistency and life span

  • Specially designed for three wire and two wire UPS system application

  • BMS control and protection double redundancy: contactor control, shunt trip of MCCB

  • Short circuit protection double redundancy: circuit breaker protection, molded case circuit breaker magnetic tripping

  • Dual redundancy of auxiliary source reduces the risk of AC power interruption

  • Support wide DC voltage range configuration, compatible with UPS of high and low voltage platform

  • Directional explosion-proof valve design, which can effectively avoid cell failure and ensure high safety

  • Comprehensive thermal simulation and testing to ensure the safety of each cell in the case of large current discharge

  • Voltage, current, temperature, SOH, SOC real-time detection

Application Scenarios

  • Data centers

  • Distributed data centers

  • Bank data centers

Specifications of 512V-100Ah UPS Battery

ProjectItemCellModuleSystem(Module 8/9/10/11/12)
Basic ParameterBasic ParametersConfigure/2P16S2P128S2P144S2P160S2P176S2P192S
Rated Voltage(V)3.251.2410461512563614
Voltage Range(V)2.5-3.640-57.6320-461360-518400-576400-634480-691
Rated Capacity(Ah)50100100
Rated Energy (KWh)0.165.124146.151.256.361.4
Max Power(KW)0.825.6205230.5256281.5307
Size (Min)26*148*129
Performance PerametersCell Chemistry SystemLFP
Charging Current1C (100A) max,suggest 30A
Discharge Power
(based on standard 10 module configuration)
10min: 205KW
15min: 180KW
Discharge Cut Off VoltageCell: 2.3V
System: 408V (cell: 2.55V)
Charging Cut Off VoltageCell: 3.6V
System: 568V (cell: 2.55V)
certificationCell: UL1973 / IEC62619 / UL9540A
System: IEC62619 / UL1973 / UL9540A / IEC62477-1 / IEC61000-6-2&4
Function ParametersSupport UPS DC Line SystemTwo line system / Three line system
Communication ModeCANUBS; RS485
Auto StarWhen the power grid is restored, the battery system will start automatically
Black StarWhen the power grid is cut off, the battery system supports the first start-up
Environmental ParametersCore Algorithm And ControlPower prediction / Calculation of remaining standby time / Exit of single fault cabinet
Working Environment Temperature0-40°C, Recommended temperature 25±5°C
Working Environment Humidity≦95%RH; non-condensing
Altitude≦2000m No reduction; Max support 4000m


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