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Telecom Rack-Mounted Li-ion Battery

Telecom Rack-Mounted Li-ion Battery


Product Introduction of 48V100Ah Telecom-Rack Battery

The ACE BATTERY Telecom series 48V rack-mounted telecom li-ion batteries are designed for the telecommunications market. This series combines safe and reliable ACEBATTERY LFP prismatic cells with a dedicated battery management system (BMS) to provide high system reliability, safety, and scalability when used with different telecommunication devices. For this product, new li-ion batteries can be used with old ones at the same time. The product can be installed in a 19” or 21” standard cabinet or rack.

Application Scenarios

  • Traditional telecom base stations: square cabins, outdoor cabinets, towers, etc.

  • 5G telecom base stations

  • Residential solar systems

  • 48V backup energy storage systems

Product Features of 48V100Ah Telecom-Rack Battery

  • Separate control and protection for charge and discharge processes

  • Real-time detection of the voltage, current, temperature, SOH, and SOC

  • Maintenance-friendly

  • Support for parallel connection

Specifications of 48V100Ah Telecom-Rack Battery

Cell MaterialLFPLFP
Rated Voltage [V]4851.2
Rated Capa city [Ah]100100
Total Energy [Wh]48005120
Charge Voltage [V]54.7558.4
Max. Charge Current [A]100100
Charge Current Limit [A]2020
EOD Voltage [V]4244.8
Peak Discharge Power [W, 3s]63006720
Dimension [W *D*H, mm ]442*400*130442*400*130
Weight [Kg]3638
IP GradeIP20
Working TemperatureCharge: 0°C to +55°C Discharge:-20°C to +55°C
ProtectionOver voltage protection (cell & system)
Low voltage protection (cell & system)
High temperature protection
Low temperature protection
Short circuit protection
Over current protection
Relative Humidity0 ~ 95%RH (non -condensing)
CommunicationRS4 85 (Modbus )/RS232
ConnectionSupport for parallel connection
Optional AccessoriesLCD display, SNMP, GPS tracker, and gyroscope sensor

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