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RESS ePower WM Series

RESS ePower WM Series


Product Introduction of RESS-48V 100Ah Wall Mounted Battery

The ACE residential energy storage system (RESS) ePower series battery packs can work with a solar energy storage system and optimize system performance, absorb excessive PV electricity, and supply power for residences whenever needed. This wall mounted  solar powered backup battery for home is one member of our home battery backup system and can be wall mounted or floor mounted and allows for parallel connection. And this home battery capacity is 100Ah.

ACE battery, as an expert in home battery backup system field, is professional in providing lithium ion battery system for home solar power and developing and producing different types of solar powered backup battery for home. If you want to know more about home solar battery system or want to buy solar powered backup battery for home, welcome to contact us.

Product Features of RESS-48V 100Ah Wall Mounted Battery

  • Adopting high-security aluminum-cased LFP cells

  • Max. charge and discharge current up to 100A

  • Parallel operation up to 8 battery packs

  • Support for RS485 and CAN for easy network access

  • BMS compatible with mainstream inverters

Application Scenarios

  • Residential application

  • Small commercial or industrial areas

  • Telecom base stations

  • Micro off-grid systems

Specifications of RESS-48V 100Ah Wall Mounted Battery

Cell MaterialLFP
Rated Voltage [V]48
Rated Capacity [Ah]100
Rated Energy [KWh]4.8
Voltage Range [V]42~54
Max. Charge Current [A]100
Max. DOD90%
Usable Energy [KWh]4.32
Max. Discharge Current [A]100
Weight [Kg]53
Dimensions [L*H*W, mm]550*180*608
Number of Packs (In Parallel)Up to 8 units
IP GradeIP54
Cooling MethodNatural cooling
Installation MethodWall mounted/Floor landing
Operating TemperatureCharge: 0°C to +55°C
Discharge: -20°C to +55°C
Relative Humidity5~95%RH (non-condensing)
Communication PortRS485/CAN

The datasheet is subject to change without prior notification.

System Topology

System Topology


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