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RESS-EnerGuard HV

RESS-EnerGuard HV

RESS-EnerGuard HV Household Battery Storage System Features

ACE Battery, one of solar battery storage companies in China,  is experienced in developing power storage battery for home. RESS-EnerGuard HV battery is suitable for energy storage systems for residential energy. This Product has features as follows:

  • Expandable at Need:Multiple units can be combined to increase energy.

  • Flexible Investment:Support 3 units max. in parallel with the capacity up to 57 kWh.

  • High Reliability:LFP-based battery delivers high reliability

  • High Safety:Smart temperature control ensures battery safety.

  • Easy Installation:The module design enables quick installation.

  • Longer Service Life:Cycle life is optimized to more than 6000.

  • IP65 Rating:IP65 water and dust proof, constructed for harsh environments.

  • High Efficiency:The battery has high efficiency with usable energy up to 100%.

  • Environmentally Friendly:Heavy metals and corrosive materials are not contained.

RESS-EnerGuard HV Household Battery Storage System Specification

Battery Module 3.8kWh 102.4V 600*250*300mm   38kg
Numbers of Battery Modules2345
Usable Energy (kWh) 7.611.415.219
Nominal Voltage 204307409512
Operating Voltage160~230240~345240~345400 576
Dimensions (D*W*H) (mm) 600*900*250 600*1200*250600*1500*250600*1800*250 
Weight (kg) 90128166204
Recommend Charge Current 8A
Max Charge Current 25A
Max Continuous Discharge Current 25A
Max Discharge Current35A 3S
Max Output Current25A
Rate Power (kW) 57.51012.8
Operating Temperature  -10℃~50℃
Battery Cell TechnologyLithium Iron Phosphate
Communication CAN/RS485
Enclosure Protection RatingIP65
Installation Installation 

Compatible Inverter BrandsModels
FroniusHybrid;Symo GEN24 Plus; Primo GEN24 Plus
KostalPlenticore Plus 3.0 ;Plenticore Plus4.2/5.5/7.0/8.5/10.0
KACOBlueplanet hybrid 6.0~10.0 TL3
SolisRHI-3P(5~10)-HVES-5G ;RHI-1P(5~10)K-HVES-5G


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