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Prismatic Cell (LiFePO4)

Featuring high energy density, ACE polymer, and prismatic batteries are mainly used in digital, medical products, LEV and ESS, etc. The lithium ion prismatic battery has many good features which have a powerful function.

ACE can provide different types of lithium batteries with high-quality, high energy density, and super long cycle life.

Features of Prismatic Battery Cell

    - Super long cycle life                                - High current discharge

- Wide temperature range operation        - High energy density

LFP Prismatic Cells for Sale

The details of lithium prismatic cells provided by ACE.

PN#2614897-Fe-403914897-Fe-5026148129-Fe-5048173133 -Fe-10054173200-Fe-20071173200-Fe-277
Typical Capacity (Ah) @0.2C405050100200275
Nominal Voltage (V)
Dimension (mm)148*27*97148*40*103148*27*129173*47*133173*53*207173*71*207
Weight (kg)0.861.150.861.84.15.2
Internal Resistance (mΩ)1110.60.20.4
DischargeContinuous discharge1C1C1C1C1C1C
Pulse current (10S)3C3C3C2C2C2C
End Voltage (V)
Cycle Life4000 cycles4000 cycles4000 cycles4000 cycles4000 cycles4000 cycles

Application of Lifepo4 Prismatic Cell

Lifepo4 Prismatic Cell for Solar Street Light
Prismatic Cell for Grid Energy Storage
Prismatic LFP Cells Data Station
LFP Prismatic Cells for Household Energy Storage
Prismatic Battery Cell for Micro Grid
Lifepo4 Battery Prismatic Cells for Communication Station

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