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GESS - Battery System

GESS - Battery System


Product Introduction of GESS - Battery System 614V

The I&C energy storage system is mainly used for users whose loads are connected to the power grid. The system can be connected to the grid or off the grid. It can integrate high-performance PCS equipment, which has the characteristics of easy deployment, safe and reliable equipment, high energy density, flexible configuration, efficient operation, and maintenance, etc.

The I&C energy storage system can be widely used in peak shaving and valley filling, electricity charge management, demand response, industrial and commercial microgrid and other application scenarios to provide users with one-stop energy storage solutions.

Product Features of GESS - Battery System 614V

  • The energy storage system adopts modular design, which is easy to expand, install and maintain;

  • Comprehensive and multi-level battery protection strategy, fault isolation measures, high safety;

  • Lithium iron phosphate battery has high energy density, long cycle life and high safety and reliability;

  • The battery box adopts natural heat dissipation;

  • Complete lithium battery BMS battery management system to ensure reliable operation of the battery;

  • The system can operate on or off grid, and the user’s power consumption scenario is flexible.

Application Scenarios of GESS - Battery System 614V

  • Smart communities

  • Public parking lots

  • Hospitals and shopping centers

  • Commercial buildings

Specification of GESS - Battery System 614V

Product   modelACE-I&C-H1ACE-I&C-H2
System parameters
Product modelACEHV102.4V50AhACEHV51.2V100Ah
Number of   battery packs2464812
Total energy   [KWh] 10.2420.4830.7220.4840.9661.44
Rated voltage   [V]204.8409.6614.4204.8409.6614.4
Voltage range   [V]179.2~230.4358.4~460.8537.6~691.2179.2~230.4358.4~460.8537.6~691.2
Maximum   charge-discharge current [A]25/6050/120
Size   [W*D*H, mm]630*220*1000630*220*1640630*220*2280630*220*1640630*220*1640630*220*2280
Weight   [kg] 108204300193376556
IP Grade IP65
InstallationStand alone/wall-mounted
Cooling MethodNatural Cooling
Operating   temperature [℃]Charge: 0~55;Discharge:   -20~+55
Environmental   humidity 5%~95% RH(no condensation)
Altitude [m] 0~3000

Battry of GESS - Battery System 614V

Battery   Pack ParametersController   Module
Product modelACEHV102.4V50AhACEHV51.2V100AhACEHV-CM
Rated voltage   [V]102.451.2--
Voltage range   [V]89.6~115.244.8~57.60~750
Maximum   charge-discharge current [A]25/6050/12050/120
Size [W*D*H,   mm]630*220*320630*220*320630*220*210
Weight   [kg]484510

Product Description of GESS - Battery System 614V

Product Description of GESS - Battery System 614V


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