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GESS - Solar Energy Storage

Product Introduction of GESS - Solar Energy Storage 30KW

This integrated cabinet-type energy storage system is mainly composed of the battery, battery management system (BMS), PCS, monitoring system, fire-proof system, and temperature control system. This product is developed for being used in buildings, shopping malls, communities and the end of power distribution networks and is compatible with wall-mounted and cabinet-type PCS. With standard and unitized design, it can be flexibly configured according to actual application requirements.

Product Features of GESS - Solar Energy Storage 30KW

  • Highly integrated

  • High reliability: adopt high safety LFP batteries, real-time cell voltage and temperature monitoring, pre-warning a mechanism, and advanced fire-extinguishing system

  • Protection grades up to IP55

  • Modular and standard design: easy maintenance, multi-cabinet parallel connection supported

  • Certification: IEC and UN / (cell and battery pack)

Application Scenarios of GESS - Solar Energy Storage 30KW

  • Public parking lots

  • Hospitals and shopping centers

  • Power distribution network ends and micro grids

Battery of GESS - Solar Energy Storage 30KW

SINGLE BATTERY   MODULEHVB 05 (102.4V/50Ah, 5120Wh)HVB 10 (51.2V/100Ah, 5120Wh)
Nominal Voltage   614.4VDC614.4VDC614.4VDC
Full Charge Voltage   (FC)691VDC691VDC
Full Discharge   Voltage (FD)576VDC576VDC
Typical Capacity50Ah100Ah
Typical Energy30KWh60KWh
Max Continuous   Discharging Current60A120A
Max Peak Discharging   Current75A150A
ProtectionBMS & Circuit Breaker
Charge Voltage691VDC691VDC
Charge Current10A20A
Maximum Charge   Current25A50A
Standard Charge   Method0.2C CC (Constant   current) charge to FC,
    CV (Contstant voltage FC) charge till charge current decline to <0.05C
Inner Resistance≤20m ohm

Physical of GESS - Solar Energy Storage 30KW

Single   Battery ModuleDimension, D x W x H (mm)630 x 220 x 320630 x 220 x 320
Net Weight(Kg)4845
Controller ModuleDimension, D x W x H (mm)630 x 220 x 210630 x 220 x 210
Net Weight(Kg)910
Complete SetDimension, D x W x H (mm)630 x 220 x 2280630 x 220 x 2280 (including HVC   10)
    630 x 220 x 2070 (without HVC 10)
Net Weight(Kg)300556 (2 strings)


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