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Floor Scrubber Battery

Floor Scrubber Battery

Floor Scrubber Battery

Floor Scrubber Batteries are mainly used in Industrial Cleaning devices, Consumer Cleaning devices and other similar tools.

The voltage of Floor Scrubber Batteries includes 12V/24V/48V, which ranges from 50~250Ah capacity. This type of li ion batteries for sale has several good qualities of supporting I2C/SMBUS/CANBUS/RS484/RS232, communication with the system based on a requirement, precise mechanical design, high IP design for vibration and impaction, waterproof and dustproof during operation, rapid charging, low leak current, long service life and being easy to recycle, which is good for devices.

Base on different application requirements for the voltage and capacity, Floor Scrubber Batteries, produced by the lithium ion battery factory, can support parallel function to extend capacity and series function to increase operation voltage up to 192V.


ModelZP18030(Customized product
and can modify the design)
ZP19006(Customized product
and can modify the design)
Rated Voltage [V]37.0V25.6V
Rated Capacity [Ah]8.1AH50AH
Total Energy [Wh]300WH1280.0WH
Inner Resistance [mΩ]≤175mΩ/
Charge Voltage [V]41.5V28.8V
Max. Charge Current [A]6.0A25A
EOD Voltage [V]29.0V18.4V
Continuous Discharge current [A]15.5A50A
Peak Discharge current [A]30.0A/3S263A/10ms
Dimensions [L*W*H, mm]134.9*89.0*167.6mm312.0*124.0*183.5mm
Weight [kg]2.1KG11.5KG
Parallel function
support battery parallel connect to extend the capacity
IP GradeIP67IP56
Charge Operating Temperature [°C]0--45℃0-35℃
Discharge Operating Temperature [°C]-20--60℃-10 to +50℃
Relative Humidity20%RH-80%RH (non-condensing)20~ 80%RH (non-condensing)
Communication PortOne-wire CommunicationCANbus2.0
Protection/Over voltage protection, low voltage protection, high temperature protection, lowtemperature protection,
and short circuit protection
CertificationUL2054, UL62368, IEC62133:2012&2017, PSE,
CE, UN38.3, ROHS
UL2271, IEC62619, CE, ROHS, UN38.3


Floor Scrubber Battery

Features of Floor Scrubber Battery

Features of Floor Scrubber Battery
  • Support Hot swap, N+1 redundancy

  • AFE+MCU high precision platform;

  • Support cell balancing and self learning function;

  • Support parallel function withmore than  8PCS in parallel;

  • Canbus communication monitor current, voltage, temperature, SOH and high precision fuel gauge management

  • Support secondary protection of voltage, discharge current,

  • Multiple safety fault protection settings to fit transportation mode, sleep mode and permanent failure mode

  • Compatible with smart charger;

  • Improved design with contracted and fashionable plastic housing with V0 fire rating;

  • LFP battery with superior high safety and better cycle life about 4000 times ;

  • LED dispaly can show the battery state;

  • The botton supports to switch on/off battery directly and conveniently;

Application of Floor Scrubber Battery

Application of Floor Scrubber Battery

Floor Scrubber Battery
Floor Scrubber Battery

FAQ of Floor Scrubber Batteries