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Energy-Type Containerized

PRODUC T DESCRIPTION of Energy-Type Containerized

This series of ACE energy storage systems are mainly composed of the battery, battery management system (BMS), monitoring system, fire-proof system, temperature control system, and container auxiliary equipment. The product is applicable to power plants and power grids (grid side and user side) and can be customized according to actual requirements. This series can be used for 0.5C or lower charging/discharging current application scenarios.

PRODUCT FEATURES of Energy-Type Containerized

  • Highly integrated

  • Highly reliable: employing high-security LFP batteries with 4-level management design, DC-side 3-level fuse protection, composite fire-proof design, pre-warning mechanism, and precise temperature control

  • Improved efficiency: DC cycle efficiency ≥ 94%

  • Modular and standard design

  • Certification: IEC and UN (cell/ battery pack)

APPLICATION SCENARIOS of Energy-Type Containerized

  • User-side peak shifting, demand control and demand response

  • Power plant side peak shifting, new energy electricity generation and consumption, and electricity quality improvement

  • Grid-side peak shifting, line loss reduction, and electricity quality improvement

  • PV ESS integration and micro grid construction

  • Emergency power backup

Specifications of Energy-Type Containerized

ITEMCellCell PackCell Cluster
Rated Voltage [V]3.244.8761.6
Rated Capacity [Ah]280280280
Rated Energy [KWh]0.89612.544213.248
Charge cut-off voltage [V]3.6550.4856.8
Discharge cut-off voltage [V]2.539.2666.4
Max. Continuous Charge Current [C]10.50.5
Max. Continuous Discharge Current [C]10.50.5
Operating Temperature [℃]Charge:0~45
Dimensions(L*W*H) [mm]173*71*200504*230*6861040*717*2290
Weight [kg]5.4495±21800

Environment ConditionInstallation environmentOutdoor
Ambient temperature-20~45℃
Humidity range0~90%
Altitude [m]≤2000
AC Grid Connection ParametersConnection mode3 Phase/PE
Rated voltage [V]AC380/400
Rated frequency [Hz]50
Power factor±1
Output harmonics [%]≤3
DC Side ParametersOutput harmonics [%]729.6
Battery voltage range [V]DC666.4~856.8
Power / Capacity ParametersSplit type [kW/kWh]250- 1260/500-2500
All-in-one [kW/kWh]250-630/500-2500
Other ParametersHeat dissipation modeAir conditioning cooling
Seismic gradeUBC Zone4
Wind resistance gradeCategory 15 hurricane
Standards and CertificationBatteryIEC62619,UN38.3,GB/36276
Size40FT container(12192* 2438 * 2896mm)

Topology of Energy-Type Containerized

Topology of Energy-Type Containerized

Topology of Energy-Type Containerized


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