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Energy Storage Battery

Energy Storage Battery

Energy Storage Battery

Energy Storage Batteries are mainly used in Large Scale ESS/Low Voltage Residential ESS/High Voltage Residential ESS and other similar applications, with low leak current, long calendar life and cycle life which are good for application, safety design based on UL1642, UL2054, UL1973 Standard.

Energy Storage Batteries voltage include 12V/48V voltage range from 50~250Ah capacity, use ACE BMS manage the system with complete protection design to ensure ultra-high safety and reliability, support I2C/SMBUS/CANBUS/RS484/RS232 … communication with the system. Energy Storage Batteries, made by the lithium ion battery supplier, include high accuracy fuel gauges, and systems that can read battery pack information like voltage, temperature, SOC, ageing and degradation through communication. Based on different application requirements for the voltage and capacity of different types of lithium batteries, Energy Storage Batteries can support Parallel functions to extend capacity and Series functions to increase operation voltage up to 96V base on application.

Battery Performance

  • EV graded power battery, stable and mature technology, robust quality.

  • Steel sealed cylindrical package, excellent safety performance.

  • Uniform heat distribution and fast dissipation.

  • NMC cathode material system with high energy density and super long working life.

  • Hundreds of individual cells connected parallel ensure the consistency of the battery module.


  • Multi-physical fields coupling simulation modeling.

  • Dynamic analysis on the internal state of battery.

  • Compute SOC, SOE real time to ensure the optimal performance and safe working boundary.

  • Based on electrochemical principle to assess the current SOH.

  • Fully Intelligent algorithm auto adjusts the internal battery model to ensure the high accuracy of SOC estimation within the product life cycles.

  • Active and passive balance engine equipped.

  • Real time monitor voltage, temperature, insulation state, communication and system warning together with at least 30 days’ log recording.

Thermal Management System

  • Honeycomb array structure are designed to maximize the heat exchange efficiency of the battery pack.

  • The internal of the container uses circulating convection design to ensure the thermal field distributes uniformly to improve the reliability and stability of the whole system.

Scada System

  • Support massive data storage and search.

  • Real time online monitoring of the battery information on each single cell and accurately diagnosis system operation status and warn failure.

  • Fully unattended operation system supports remote real-time control and optimizes the system dispatched efficiency.


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