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EnerCube-200kWh (all-in-one)

EnerCube-200kWh (all-in-one)


This product is a representative of highly modularized and standardized ACE products, according to 3S(Safe/Strong/Smart) energy storage concept and Car specification level quality requirements; power shifting, combined new energy power generation, dynamic capacity-increasing and demand management, distributed generation, emergency power backup, and other functions, also supports the electric vehicle fast charging demand. Using the design concept of "All in One", the longevity cell, battery management system BMS, high-performance transformer system PCS, active safety system and thermal management system are integrated into a single standardized outdoor cabinet to form an integrated plug and play intelligent energy block.


  • Large industrial parks and commercial centers

  • New photovoltaic energy storage system

  • Renovated photovoltaic energy storage system

  • Power grid peak shaving

  • Micro power grid

  • Standby power


  • Longer Service Life: Select high quality LFP cell dedicated for energy storage, cycle life of more than 8000 times.

  • Thermal Management System: Air cooling is adopted to maintain each cell of the battery pack at the appropriate temperature to ensure battery performance and cycle life.

  • Intelligent Control: The module unit contains a complete intelligent system, which can be remotely monitored and unattended; it can realize the effective control of PCS, BMS and load.

  • Efficient Equalization BMS: single series design + efficient equalization technology, the system parallel capacity loss is 0.

  • Active Safety System: Partition safety isolation, pack-level active safety warning unit + immersion fire protection, to ensure fire control

  • Standardized Design: Standardized design for lower O&M costs, standardized production for fast delivery, and lower overall lifecycle costs.

  • Modular Design: Infinite parallel connection can realize elastic expansion and fully modular maintenance of the energy storage power station; supporting multi-scene applications from kWh to MWh level.

  • Single Cabinet: Single cabinet < 1.4m²; IP55 defense can be flexibly deployed based on site location.


DC battery parameters
Types of batteriesLFP 280Ah
Battery pack configuration14.336kWh/1P16S
Battery system configuration200kWh/1P224S
Battery voltage range627~806V
Number of temperature measurements140
AC rated power100kW
AC maximum power110kW
AC current distortion rate<3%
DC component<0.5%lpn
Grid voltage range400V
Power factor-1~+1
Rated grid frequency50Hz/60Hz
System parameters
Maximum system efficiency≥91%
Charge/discharge ratio≤0.5C
The depth of discharge100%DOD
Communication interfaceCAN/RS485/LAN
Protection gradeIP55
Type of coolingAir-cooled air conditioning
Operating temperature-35℃~+55℃
Relative humidity5~95%RH,no condensation
Size (W*H*D)1200*2350*1050mm
Fire fighting systemAerosol + Pack-level immersion + Active warning

The above data may be updated, which is subject to the physical object.




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