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Aerial/Scissor Lift Battery

Aerial/Scissor Lift Battery

Aerial/Scissor Lift Battery

Aerial/Scissor Lift Batteries are mainly used in Aerial/Scissor Lift application like Scissor Lift/Vertical Lift/Push Around Lift and so on. Battery Pack voltage 12V/24V/48V/ voltage range from 100~250Ah capacity, support I2C/SMBUS/CANBUS/RS484/RS232, communication.

Aerial/Scissor Lift Batteries, made by the reliable Chinese lithium battery manufacturer, use ACE BMS to manage the system in design, which can manage battery pack operation and protection,and set up redundant detection circuit to avoid wrong protection,to ensure ultra-high safety and reliability when operation.

Base on different application requirement for the voltage and capacity application of bulk lithium batteries.

Aerial/Scissor Lift Batteries can support Parallel function to extend capacity and Series function to increase operation voltage up to 96V base on application.


Rated Voltage [V]25.625.625.625.651.2
Rated Capacity [Ah]80100150200150
Total Energy [Wh]20482560384051207680
Charge Voltage [V]28.428.428.428.456
Max. Charge Current [A]35507510075
EOD Voltage [V]2020202040
Continuous Discharge current [A]138100150180200
Peak Discharge current [A]150A/60s200A/3min250A/3min270A/2min500A/2min
Dimensions [L*W*H, mm]306*182*245263*333*196334*377*196646*367*200718*259*385
Weight [kg]18304057.478
IP GradeIP67
Operating Temperature [°C]-20 to +50
Relative Humidity0 ~ 95%RH
Communication PortCAN


AWP TypeACE Lithium BatteryAGM Battery
Scissor Lifts1 x AWP24-8024V80AH31.82 x 31-AGM24V100AH60
2 x AWP24-8024V160AH63.64 x T10524V225AH112
2 x AWP24-10024V200AH604 x T14524V260AH132
1 x AWP24-20024V200AH57.42 x T127524V300AH78
Boom Lifts2 x AWP48-15048V300AH1564 x L16P48V420Ah208

Features of Aerial/Scissor Lift Battery

Features of Aerial/Scissor Lift Battery
  • Automotive Standard Safety Systems: Anti-thermal structural design and microprocessor-controlled safety system protection, like Over Voltage/Under Voltage/Over Current/Over Temperaure/Short Circuit.

  • CAN Communication with J1939: Support J1939 Communication to read battery State of Charge (SoC), Voltage, Current, temperature and other information.

  • Superior BMS performance: High accuracy voltage/current measure, high accuracy Fuel gauge calculation with temperature compensation. RTC+EEPROM to track battery operation history, run time and SOC.

  • Flexible Parallel Connection: Support parallel connection and allow batteries different capacity/SOC to be connected in parallel. Intelligent balance battery with different SOC when parallel connection.

  • Heater Function: Support heater function to warm up the battery in low temperature for charing and discharging.

  • High precision cell detection: The battery can detect low current leakage from the MEWP system, and turn off automatically to save the power.

  • Long Cycle Life: More than 3000 cycles.

  • Certification: IEC62620, IEC62619, UL2580, UL2271, UN38.3, UL etc.

Application of Aerial/Scissor Lift Battery

Application of Aerial/Scissor Lift Battery

Aerial/Scissor Lift Battery

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