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GESS-Unit Energy Storage

GESS-Unit Energy Storage

672V 564KWh

PRODUCT INTRODUCTION of GESS-Unit Energy Storage 672V 564KWh

This product is representative of highly modularized and standardized ACE products, according to 3S(Safe/Strong/Smart) energy storage concept and Car specification level quality requirements; power shifting, combined new energy power generation, dynamic capacity-increasing and demand management, distributed generation, emergency power backup, and other functions, also support the electric vehicle fast-charging demand.

APPLICATION SCENARIOS of GESS-Unit Energy Storage 672V 564KWh

  • Industrial and commercial energy storage

  • The new photovoltaic energy storage system

  • The renovated photovoltaic energy storage system

  • Off-grid scenarios

PRODUCT FEATURES of GESS-Unit Energy Storage 672V 564KWh

Small volume unitized design, improve space utilization.

The module unit contains a complete intelligent system, which can be remotely monitored and unattended; it can realize the effective control of PCS, BMS and load.

Standardized design for lower O&M costs, standardized production for fast delivery, and lower overall lifecycle costs.

Horizontal and vertical arbitrary grouping, supporting multi-scene applications from kWh to MWh level.

Built-in independent automatic firefighting to solve the problem of micro storage safety.

Independent refinement of each unit to improve the energy efficiency of electricity consumption.

Specifications of GESS-Unit Energy Storage 672V 564KWh

NumberPower/KWNominal Capacity/KWhDuration/hUnit Energy Storage QuantityRemark

Topology of GESS-Unit Energy Storage 672V 564KWh

GESS-Unit Energy Storage 672V 564KWh


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