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Common Sense of Daily Use of Lithium Batteries

Jul 01 , 2021

In order to better use the smart devices in hands, we need to know the common sense of lithium batteries before.

1. Do lithium batteries need to be activated?

Lithium-ion batteries need to be activated, but that's not what users need to do. Li-ion lithium battery go through the following process before leave the factory : perfusing li-ion lithium battery shell electrolyte - sealing -forming, is constant voltage charging, and then discharge, so that several cycles, so that the electrode is fully infiltrated electrolyte, fully activated, to meet the requirements of capacity, this is the activation process.

2. Do the first three lithium battery need to charge 12 hours?

Lithium-ion batteries do not need to be recharged for 12 hours. Early mobile phone nickel-metal hydride battery because it needs to supplement and trickle charging process, to achieve the most perfect full state, which need about 5 hours, but it does not need 12 hours. The constant current and constant voltage charging characteristic of li-ion lithium battery also determines that its deep charging time does not need 12 hours.

3. Does lithium battery rechargeable battery have the best state?

There is a saying that if lithium battery rechargeable battery is properly used, it will appear in a certain cycle range of the best state, that is, the maximum capacity. For lithium-ion batteries, however, there is no hump of cyclic capacity at all. From the time the li-ion lithium battery leaves the factory until the final battery is scrapped, the performance of its capacity is to use once less. Cyclic performance tests on lithium-ion batteries have never shown any signs of capacity recovery. So li-ion lithium batteries don't have an optimal state.