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Lithium UPS Battery Backup

UPS Backup Batteries mainly used in UPS backup batteries and other similar devices. The voltage of the UPS Backup battery includes 12V/24V//36V/48V and has the capacity ranges from 10~100Ah, supporting 100W~50KW discharge power, with low leak current and long calendar life.


Base on different application requirements for the voltage and capacity, UPS Backup Batteries, made by ACE, a reliable lithium battery company and UPS battery manufacturer, can support Parallel function to extend capacity and function to increase operation voltage up to 480V.


UPS Backup Batteries use ACE BMS to manage the system with a complete protection design to ensure ultra-high safety and reliability. This kind of lithium batteries can also support I2C/SMBUS/CANBUS/RS484/RS232, make communication with UPS base on the requirement, provide high accuracy fuel gauge to read battery pack SOC, ageing and degrade. The battery design is safe which is based on UL1642, UL2054, UL1973 Standard. If you are in need, welcome to contact ACE Battery for UPS battery sales.