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The battery pack is widely used in more than a dozen related industries, including Electric Vehicles, Motorcycle Starting, RV, Golf Carts, Aerial Platform, Material Handling, Gardening Tools, Industrial Cleaning, Medical Care, Emergency Lights, Security, Alarm, UPS, Data Center, Electric Power, New Energy, Communications, etc.


The lithium ion battery pack provides safety protection for batteries and services to achieve flexible design and production. ACE can also provide custom made lithium ion battery packs design, manufacturing, testing, certification, sales, and service as a one-stop solution. We have unique advantages in product ID and structural design, BMS, automated flexible production, quality management, and safety protection.


The use of the industry's advanced production equipment, design concepts, and production technology to ensure that battery life, product performance, consistency, which can meet all kinds of customer needs. As a professional lithium ion battery pack manufacturer, ACE means to provide high-quality and safe portable lithium ion battery packs for sale, contact us now!

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UPS Battery

Energy Storage Battery

Telecom Battery

Two Wheeler Battery

Medical Battery

RV Battery

Aerial Work Platform Battery

Golf Cart Battery

Floor Cleaning Battery

Power Sport Battery

Advantages of Battery Pack

Advantages of Li Ion Battery Packs


  • The flexible module design of lithium battery improves the safety characteristics of the whole life cycle of the battery system;


  • Design of lithium-free rapid charging with electrode technology;


  • According to the working conditions of the vehicle, the battery module and PACK technology achieve the balance between the system's lightweight and safety from three aspects: structural topology optimization, lightweight material configuration, and advanced manufacturing technology.

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