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US Department of Energy Invests $366 Million in 17 Rural Energy Enhancement Initiatives


Exciting news from the US Department of Energy (DOE)! They're dishing out a hefty $366 million for 17 clean energy projects in rural and remote areas across the US.


According to the DOE, these projects will be strategically placed in or near communities dealing with pollution and long-term neglect. The lineup includes a mix of clean energy solutions like solar power, battery storage (BESS), microgrids, and electric vehicle charging setups. It's a game-changer for these underserved areas!


In a fantastic move, at least a dozen projects are stepping up to support tribal communities, bringing solar and BESS to light up around 300 homes. One standout is the Solar + Storage Microgrids for Rural Community Health Centers initiative. It's geared to outfit community health centers with solar PV systems, BESS, and microgrids, tackling power outages and ensuring a steady electricity flow for life-saving equipment.


And that's not all! Check out the Hopi Nation Community Solar Project, rolling out hybrid microgrids, solar PV systems, and BESS to fuel essential community services like IT, waste management, and health and human services.


The DOE highlights the unique challenges faced by rural and remote communities – think higher electric bills, shaky energy supplies, and, shockingly, no access to electricity. These projects are about to change that game!


Hold onto your hats because it's not just 17, but over 17 projects spreading their magic across 20 states, reaching out to 30 Tribal Nations and communities! The big reveal is part of the DOE's Energy Improvements in Rural or Remote Areas (ERA) program, aimed at jazzing up the reliability and affordability of energy systems in communities with 10,000 or fewer folks. Now, that's what I call a nation-wide power-up!

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