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UL9540A Provides Safety Escorts to ACE Battery's Energy Storage Systems


Recently, SHENZHEN ACE BATTERY CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "ACE Battery") was awarded UL9540 product certification by UL Solution, a global safety science expert. UL 9540A is the most rigorous international standard certification test for energy storage batteries and systems in the industry, used to evaluate the fire characteristics caused by large-scale thermal runaway of energy storage batteries and systems. It is the highest level of safety certification in the industry.


Energy storage is becoming one of the key technologies driving the progress towards a carbon-neutrality economy in many countries. In recent years, the global market for advanced energy storage has consistently maintained strong growth momentum, and its vast development prospects are expected to bring significant economic and environmental value to the world's green energy industry. In the process of developing the energy storage industry, safety is crucial, and system security has become a universally recognized focal point within the industry. Relevant policies and certification standards are also gradually being improved.


Developed by UL, UL9540A is a test method used to evaluate the large-scale thermal runaway fire spread of battery energy storage systems, which is widely recognized by relevant departments. Authoritative US industry codes such as the American Electrical Code (Chapter 706), the US Residential Code (Chapter R327), the US International Fire Code (Energy Storage Chapter), and the National Fire Protection Agency's NFPA 855 standard all impose UL9540A listing requirements on energy storage systems.


What’s more, the UL9540A test report is a key third-party report required by North American energy storage project developers or owners when submitting relevant project approval processes. The local relevant regulatory law enforcement agencies (AHJ) will strictly review the UL9540A report according to the “NFPA855 Standard for the Installation of Stationary Energy Storage Systems “Code and the requirements of relevant regulations, by the American Fire Protection Association to evaluate whether the fire risk of the energy storage project is controllable and formulate relevant fire emergency plans.


ACE Battery successfully passed the certification this time, marking that the battery cell products developed and produced by the company have a high safety level, and have been recognized by the world's leading standards for energy storage batteries. It will also settle a good foundation for the global development of its energy storage business and has a positive effect on expanding the international influence of products and expanding its overseas market business.


“We are pleased to partner with UL. ACE Battery consistently prioritizes product safety and is dedicated to delivering secure and efficient clean energy storage solutions and services to our customers. We aim to provide global customers with advanced digital and intelligent technology solutions in clean energy through technological innovation, helping to achieve sustainable development goals”, said James, Zhao, the founder and chairman of ACE Battery.


ACE Battery began as a leader in the field of industrial battery packs and now aims to become an established energy storage brand. The company is dedicated to becoming a global leader in clean energy with digital and intelligent solutions, ushering in the global energy transition. ACE Battery has been involved in the entire lithium-ion battery industry chain and provides an extensive range of clean energy solutions and services across multiple fields, including energy storage, special vehicles, medical equipment, UPS, and solar storage charging and inspection. ACE Battery serves customers worldwide and is a core partner of many Fortune 500 companies.



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