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FlexGen Unveils Revolutionary HybridOS Analyze BESS Analytical SaaS


FlexGen, a front-runner in the energy storage software field, proudly announces its ground-breaking addition, the HybridOS Analyze. This cutting-edge analytics software solution is designed to empower Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) locations through real-time data analysis and round-the-clock remote oversight. It uniquely enables site operators to perform proactive evaluations of the equipment's state, optimizes energy storage asset productivity, and ensures maximum system availability. Moreover, HybridOS Analyze is a stand-alone software solution that seamlessly integrates with any energy management system and every BESS setup. This newfound ability to extract additional system insights can augment the power grid's value by a substantial 20% maximization of system capacity utilization.


HybridOS Analyze: A Beacon for BESS Operations


"Absolute clarity and visibility of their portfolios are paramount for BESS operators if they are to maximize asset value," states Hugh Scott, FlexGen's Chief Technology Officer. "Thanks to HybridOS Analyze, operators nationwide can anticipate and capitalize on any rises in available capacity with much greater efficacy. The next significant industry move lies in smarter and more reliable software controls, which will become an essential part of the energy transition. FlexGen remains committed to leading the way in energy management software innovation, be that through machine learning, remote monitoring, updates, or Artificial Intelligence."


FlexGen's HybridOS: A Comprehensive Solution for Energy Storage Management


FlexGen’s proprietary software, HybridOS, is meticulously developed to cater to the diversified requirements of energy storage owners and operators, all the while ensuring a user-friendly and seamless user interface. With the aid of its Remote Operations Center and Innovation Lab, FlexGen extends unparalleled management, monitoring, and optimization for energy storage assets. The company is currently managing a fast-expanding fleet of energy storage assets operated by investor-owned utilities, municipal and cooperative utilities, and independent power producers across the United States.


HybridOS Analyze: An Investment for Longevity and Profitability


Considering the decades-long or thousands-of-cycles lifespan of energy storage projects, understanding an asset's life about its projected capabilities while demanding maximal revenue potential necessitates sophisticated and now accessible data analytics. FlexGen's HybridOS Analyze is not just about elevating system performance; it also facilitates astute decision-making by asset owners concerning the optimal timing for augmentation services.

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