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Exciting News: NSW Secures Major Renewable Energy Projects!

In a groundbreaking development for renewable energy in New South Wales (NSW), two remarkable renewable energy generation projects and three cutting-edge long-duration storage projects have achieved resounding success in the latest tender round of the NSW Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap. This significant achievement solidifies the state's position as a leader in national energy transition investments.

Conducted independently by AEMO Services, the highly anticipated third tender has resulted in the establishment of Long-Term Energy Service Agreements for a range of remarkable projects. These include one impressive solar project, one exceptional wind project, two groundbreaking lithium-ion battery energy storage system projects, and one innovative advanced-compressed air energy storage system. These projects are planned for Twelve Mile, Culcairn, Broken Hill, Merriwa, and Myrtle Creek, showcasing NSW's commitment to renewable energy across various regions. What's truly remarkable is that the three storage projects have a continuous discharge capacity of at least 8 hours, which is equivalent to illuminating the iconic Sydney Cricket Ground lights for approximately 130 days! This level of energy storage capability is a game-changer for NSW and reinforces our commitment to clean and sustainable energy solutions.


What's even more impressive is the significant private sector investment of $4.2 billion that these successful projects represent. It's an incredible boost to the NSW economy, and it builds upon the $4.3 billion previously committed in AEMO Services' two previous tenders. This level of investment demonstrates the immense confidence and belief in the future of renewable energy in NSW.


These groundbreaking projects are expected to commence operations in 2028, unleashing a wave of community and economic benefits. The projects will support around 1000 jobs throughout their lifetimes, providing much-needed employment opportunities and stimulating regional economies. Moreover, they are projected to generate $2 billion in local supply chain benefits, illustrating the positive impact on local businesses and communities. As a testament to our commitment to reconciliation, $40 million has been allocated to First Nations' initiatives as part of these projects. Furthermore, the energy generated from these projects will power approximately 360,000 NSW homes annually, ensuring a cleaner and sustainable future for our communities.


With the successful conclusion of this third tender, NSW has achieved a remarkable milestone, securing an impressive 5.79GW of renewable energy generation. This achievement puts us nearly halfway towards our legislated 12 GW target for renewable energy generation by 2030. In addition, we have confirmed 574MW out of the legislated 2GW target for long-duration storage. These results are a testament to the hard work and dedication of all those involved in advancing renewable energy in NSW.


The NSW Minister for Climate Change and Energy, Penny Sharpe, is delighted with the outcome and welcomes these groundbreaking projects with open arms. "The Roadmap tenders are propelling us towards a future powered by renewables, ensuring that households and businesses have access to reliable, clean, and affordable electricity for years to come. These projects are not only creating jobs and economic benefits in regional communities, but they are also helping us achieve our ambitious renewable energy targets. With NSW now almost halfway towards our 2030 renewable generation goal and over a quarter of the way towards our long-duration storage target, the future is bright for renewable energy in our state," Sharpe enthusiastically expressed.


In conclusion, the successful tender round for the NSW Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap marks a turning point in the state's journey towards a clean energy future. With billions of dollars in private sector investment, remarkable technological advancements, and significant community and economic benefits, NSW is at the forefront of the renewable energy revolution. These projects are not only reshaping the energy landscape but also leaving a positive impact on our communities, both socially and economically. With every milestone we achieve, we edge closer to a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable NSW.


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