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Entering the Green Era: Greenlane Paves the Way with an Extensive 280-Mile Commercial EV Charging Network from LA to Vegas


Keeping up with the nation's increasing thirst for a dependable, efficient EV charging and hydrogen refueling network along freight routes, Greenlane heralds the establishment of its foremost commercial EV charging corridor. Featuring over 100 charging units, contemporary facilities for a comfortable driving experience, high resilience for continued service, and bolstering efficient freight transportation, this initiative marks the start of a grand project. A joint partnership of Daimler Truck North America LLC, NextEra Energy Resources, LLC, and BlackRock (under its Climate Infrastructure business), the pathbreaking undertaking aims to spearhead the advent of carbon-neutral freight transport. The new charging corridor along Interstate 15 commences with charging stations set up in Colton, Barstow, and Baker, California, and subsequent additions are anticipated soon, extending beyond Southern Nevada to San Pedro in California.


Greenlane's CEO, Patrick Macdonald-King, comments, We selected these three strategic locations for our first commercial charging corridor basis factors including truck telematics data, frequent freight paths, and client deployment strategies, aiming at a swift shift to zero-emission operations." Macdonald-King continues, "This charging corridor marks a crucial stride in meeting the pressing necessity for publicly accessible, nationwide electric charging for commercial vehicles, and will set a benchmark for the EV charging hubs of the future.


The fully constructed site at Colton aims to house over 60 charging units, including 400 kW Direct Current Fast Chargers (DCFC) to expedite the charging of medium and heavy-duty zero-emission vehicles. Additionally, 200 kW DCFC charging facilities will facilitate long-duration and overnight charging for heavy-duty tractors, medium-duty ZEVs, and school buses. Greenlane also plans to introduce multiple passenger car charging stalls to cater to light-duty and passenger vehicles.


Later developments will include accommodations for long-duration & overnight charging lanes for tractor-trailer combinations, and the Colton site is future-proofed to host the Megawatt Charging System (MCS) when commercially available.


Macdonald-King elucidates, "We utilized a predictive modeling tool to simulate truck traffic and energy flow at the site, that helped ascertain the requisite number of chargers to match the regional demand, taking into account vehicle specifics and arrival & departure schedules for vehicles ferrying freight along this corridor. Our analysis revealed that positioning the three stations approximately 60 to 90 miles apart would optimize uptime for day-cab drivers by facilitating brief charging sessions at each stop thereby ensuring freight movement sans any constraints."


Designed to revolutionize the current rest stop experience, each Greenlane site will be equipped with wide pull-through lanes for rapid entry and exit. As the vehicles charge, drivers can utilize modish facilities, complete with restrooms and various other amenities, including delectable food and beverage options.


Greenlane envisions establishing an extensive network of commercial charging infrastructure locations across the U.S., catering to battery-electric passenger cars and light-duty fleet customers, intending to offer hydrogen refueling for commercial vehicles shortly.


Greenlane is eager to break ground in spring at the primary Colton site, with an inaugural aim for late 2024. Situated at the crossroads of Interstates 10 and 215, the Colton hub will deliver diverse charging options for heavy, medium, and light-duty ZEV drivers.

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