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Dcbel Receives $52 Million Funding for Smart Home Energy Solution in California

Dcbel, a leading smart home energy company, has been awarded the largest tranche of funding by the California Energy Commission (CEC) under its Responsive, Easy Charging Products With Dynamic Signals (REDWDS) program. This grant, totaling $52 million, supports the development and deployment of electric vehicle-to-grid and vehicle-to-X charging and discharging technologies.

Collaborating with esteemed partners such as UC Davis, Berkeley Laboratory, Southern California Edison, Sonoma Clean Power, and Grid Alternatives, Dcbel will be spearheading the project to deploy home energy stations throughout California.


The primary focus of the REDWDS program is to fund projects that empower customers to respond effectively to the dynamic signals on the electric grid, thereby minimizing the costs associated with charging and discharging electric vehicles at home.


Dcbel's innovative solution comprises a home energy station and a UL-certified bidirectional DC electric vehicle charger that also serves as a solar and stationary battery inverter. Controlled by the company's cutting-edge edge computing platform, known as Orchestrate, the home energy system intelligently manages the use, storage, or sale of electricity based on grid price signals and homeowner preferences. Additionally, Dcbel's solution includes Dcbel Chorus, a real-time technical aggregation Internet of Things (IoT) software platform.


"By requiring minimal intervention, our home energy station ensures that customers will always have their electric vehicles charged and ready when they need them, using the most cost-effective energy source available," states Dcbel. "Furthermore, our app-based platform enables customers to seamlessly and safely subscribe to multiple energy programs offered by utilities, energy service providers, microgrids, and virtual power plants."


Through the Dcbel app hub, customers can easily access vehicle-to-grid incentive programs, facilitating their participation and making it simpler for them to derive benefits.


In addition to the revenue generated through dynamic grid response, Dcbel's customers can also enjoy heightened energy independence and resilience. The home energy station is capable of powering homes during extended grid outages, leveraging the significant energy stored in electric vehicles. For further energy independence, customers have the option to connect solar panels and a home battery to the home energy station.


"Our all-in-one solution is poised to revolutionize the way homes interact with the grid," says Dan Fletcher, Chief Business Development Officer at Dcbel. "Crucially, it enables people to utilize their electric vehicle's energy for backup power and contribute to grid flexibility services by discharging their electric vehicle battery."


With this substantial funding from the CEC, Dcbel is positioned to make a significant impact in advancing smart home energy solutions in California and beyond.


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