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Clean Energy Credit Union Introduces ‘Clean Energy for All’ Loan Program


Clean Energy Credit Union has recently unveiled its latest initiative, the Clean Energy for All loan program. This groundbreaking program is designed to enhance accessibility and affordability of clean energy for marginalized communities, specifically targeting minority borrowers and individuals with low incomes.


The Clean Energy for All loan program features a Special Purpose Credit Program, offering reduced interest rates on clean energy loans to minority and low-income borrowers. Eligible participants can benefit from a 0.50% discount off the standard loan rates provided by Clean Energy Credit Union, with additional discounts available for those encountering credit difficulties.


According to CEO Terri Mickelsen, the provision of affordable clean energy opportunities can significantly enhance the overall health, safety, and energy resilience of communities that have historically borne the brunt of air pollution and natural disasters. She believes that the Clean Energy for All Program will empower underserved communities to pursue energy-efficient home and transportation upgrades, leading to reduced utility expenses and a cleaner environment. Ultimately, this initiative aims to foster greater equity, economic mobility, and opportunities for individuals impacted by systemic racism and other societal injustices.


In line with their commitment to promoting equity and sustainability, Clean Energy Credit Union is collaborating with like-minded partners such as EV Hybrid Noire, an organization dedicated to promoting electric vehicles and e-mobility solutions in underserved communities, and Inclusiv, a nonprofit focused on facilitating financial independence for low- to moderate-income individuals through credit union advocacy efforts.


“As an organization, we are dedicated to building a future that is both equitable and sustainable,” remarked Terri Mickelsen. “The Clean Energy for All Loan Program represents our commitment to advancing in the right direction towards achieving this vision.”

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