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Battery Energy Storage in Texas is Experiencing a Remarkable Boom

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) has received over 1,600 applications for battery projects since April 2023, totaling a staggering 50,000MW of storage capacity to be connected to the power grid.

According to ERCOT CEO Pablo Vegas, the year 2023 saw an unprecedented surge in battery projects, with 800 new additions. However, this momentum shows no signs of slowing down. In 2024 alone, over 25GW of power from battery storage will be added to the grid, with projections indicating that both 2025 and 2026 will witness an additional 40GW of storage capacity. These remarkable numbers are driven by Texas' increasing power consumption due to rapid population growth and the impacts of climate change, as the state transforms from an oil-focused economy to a renewable energy leader.


Several key players have already jumped on board this battery storage revolution. Austin-based Jupiter Power intends to construct a massive 200MW/400MWh battery site in Houston, while On. Energy secured a $40 million financing deal to develop its sites near the same area. Energy giant TotalEnergies is also making its mark with a solar farm equipped with battery storage, capable of powering 70,000 homes. Enel North America has made significant strides, tripling battery capacity in Texas to reach 523MW/780MWh of storage. They plan to add an impressive 823MW/1.2GW in 2024 alone.


These astounding developments highlight the remarkable transformation in Texas' energy landscape. Just a few short years ago, battery storage on the state's grid was virtually nonexistent. Now, ERCOT has received applications totaling a whopping 316GW, with solar accounting for about 143GW, battery storage at 125GW, wind at 33GW, and natural gas at 15GW.


The future of battery energy storage in Texas is on an extraordinary trajectory, as the state embraces renewable energy technologies to meet the growing demands of its population and address the challenges of a changing climate.


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