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Amea Power Begins Construction of 120 MW Solar Facility in Tunisia


Amea Power, a company based in Dubai, has initiated the construction of a 120 MW solar plant in Tunisia. This venture, situated in the northeastern part of the country, is managed by Kairouan Solar Plant, a locally registered project company wholly owned by Amea Power. This endeavor marks Tunisia's first privately-financed solar project, emphasizing the country's potential as a key player in green energy within the region.


The project achieved financial closure in September 2023 with an investment of $86 million, supported by the International Finance Corp. and the African Development Bank. The solar plant is expected to commence operations by the end of 2025. Upon completion, it will represent Amea Power’s inaugural operational asset in Tunisia, capable of producing 222 GWh of clean energy annually—sufficient to supply over 43,000 households.


Hussain Al Nowais, the Chairman of Amea Power, highlighted the strategic significance of this project, stating, "By taking advantage of its renewable energy resources, and its strategic location between North Africa and Europe, Tunisia can become a prime location for green energy and trade.”


In June 2021, Amea Power secured a significant 20-year power purchase agreement with Société Tunisienne de l'Electricité et du Gaz (STEG), the state-owned electricity and gas utility of Tunisia. This agreement, crucial for the long-term viability of their projects, was officially approved by the Tunisian government in May 2022.


Amea Power, an active player in the renewable energy sector, boasts a diverse portfolio that spans across 20 countries, involving technologies such as solar, energy storage, wind, and green hydrogen. This portfolio includes over 1.6 GW of projects that are either operational, under construction, or nearing completion, with an additional 6 GW in development stages. In a strategic move to expand its operations, Amea Power announced in November 2023 the successful close of a $75 million equity funding round led by Japan's Softbank Group.


The International Renewable Energy Agency's latest data reveals that Tunisia's solar energy capacity saw a significant increase, reaching 506 MW by the end of 2023, up from 197 MW at the end of the previous year. This growth underscores Tunisia's escalating commitment to expanding its solar energy infrastructure, aligning with broader global trends towards renewable energy adoption.


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