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ACE Battery Shines at RE+2023


On September 12th, ACE Battery left a notable mark at RE+2023, formerly recognized as Solar Power International (SPI & ESI), held at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, USA.


RE+2023, North America's premier clean energy industry event, convened over 1,300 companies from 100+ countries. ACE Battery unveiled its latest advancements in clean energy storage solutions, offering a unique energy storage experience to attendees.


Barry, our GM of North America, has been invited to present at the 9th IBESA U.S. Energy Storage Day. He delivered a pivotal speech, sharing a comprehensive one-stop clean energy storage solution with global energy experts, emphasizing its role in creating new business models and boosting local content production.


The importance of RE+2023 as a trailblazer in the U.S. energy storage sector is evident. Factors such as aging electric power equipment and the independent development of regional power grids have resulted in the rapid ascent of grid-side energy storage and utility-scale energy storage. Furthermore, policy support has accelerated the swift development of areas like solar energy integration, distributed energy storage, and residential energy storage.



ACE Battery has diligently tracked industry trends, deeply entrenched in the North American energy storage market, and catering to the diverse energy storage needs of local customers. Our product range includes high-voltage and low-voltage energy storage solutions for North American households, featuring modular designs and wireless fast-plug functionality, prioritizing safety and efficiency. For the commercial and industrial sectors, our cutting-edge liquid-cooled energy storage system has garnered acclaim for its remarkable safety, cost-effectiveness, and user-friendly installation and maintenance.


Our products, rooted in extensive technical expertise and practical experience, continuously evolve to offer solutions that are more efficient, reliable, intelligent, and yield higher returns. We remain committed to harnessing technological innovation to provide outstanding smart energy solutions globally, contributing to the realization of sustainable development goals.


ACE Battery's products received resounding recognition from on-site customers and partners at RE+2023. Looking ahead, ACE Battery will steadfastly lead the charge in the era of clean energy, enabling more users to partake in the dividends of green energy development.


About ACE Battery

ACE Battery began as a leader in the field of industrial battery packs and now aims to become an established energy storage brand. The company is dedicated to becoming a global leader in clean energy with digital and intelligent solutions, ushering in the global energy transition. ACE Battery has been involved in the entire lithium-ion battery industry chain and provides an extensive range of clean energy solutions and services across multiple fields, including energy storage, special vehicles, medical equipment, UPS, and solar storage charging and inspection. ACE Battery serves customers worldwide and is a core partner of many Fortune 500 companies.

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