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5 Top Energy Storage Companies That You Can Trust


Energy storage systems are built to capture and hold on to energy until it needs to be used.


At its core, a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) is designed to hold onto electric charge for later use. Thanks to cutting-edge research, what was once just an idea about BESS is now a real, market-ready product.


As we edge closer to the next milestones set by the Paris Agreement, the push for renewable energy is stronger than ever. Globally, nations and businesses are embracing greener energy sources. Europe, grappling with an energy crisis, is motivated to look for better solutions. Meanwhile, the U.S. has the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 in place, which pours a whopping $370 billion into clean-energy ventures.


If you're eyeing the BESS market, now's the moment to pinpoint the prime spots and gear up for them. And let's find out 5 top energy storage companies that can provide BESS service for you!





Sonnen offers innovative home batteries that save solar energy. You can install them outdoors (Evo), indoors (Core+), or integrate them with smart home features (ecoLinx). Users can track and manage their energy through the Sonnen app.


Website: https://sonnenusa.com/en/








Fluence crafts adaptable energy storage solutions. While they cater to general needs, they're also flexible for unique situations. Their offerings range from Gridstack for larger grid storage to Sunstack for solar energy storage. To complement their products, they provide four service levels: guided, shared, complete, and asset management.


Website: https://fluenceenergy.com/


Form Energy



Form Energy is reimagining energy storage. They're crafting a battery that can last for days, essential for a green energy grid. Relying on iron-air technology, their batteries can keep energy for up to 100 hours. The use of basic materials like iron, water, and air ensures these batteries are cost-effective, safe, and eco-friendly.


Website: https://formenergy.com/


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