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$16 million allocated to boost solar installation in apartments


Victoria is gearing up to deploy numerous solar panels on apartment buildings, promising substantial savings of approximately $500 annually on electricity bills. This initiative, called the Solar for Apartments program, is a collaborative effort between the federal and state governments.


The program's inaugural round is now accepting applications, aiming to streamline and lower the expenses associated with rooftop solar setups for apartment dwellers.


Around 12% of Victoria's 2.5 million households reside in apartments, making them the focus of the Solar for Apartments program. Eligible applicants can access rebates of up to $2,800 per apartment or $140,000 per building, supporting up to 50 apartments with solar panel installations.


This initiative, benefiting approximately 5,000 households, aims to simplify solar installations in apartments by addressing their unique challenges and cost barriers. Through rebates, the program aims to reduce initial expenses, streamline installation procedures, and promote the adoption of solar energy among apartment residents.


Owners corporations have the option to install either multiple individual solar PV systems, a single large solar PV system with solar sharing technology, or a mix of both.


The program has already garnered more than 500 registrations of interest from owners corporations, apartment residents, and rental providers, showcasing a strong demand for easily accessible solar solutions.


The Albanese Government has introduced the Community Solar Banks initiative, which is dedicated to providing solar access to 25,000 homes across Australia that have faced challenges in accessing solar energy previously.


Applications for Round 1 of the Solar for Apartments program are currently open and will remain so until April 15th.

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