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Recruitment Position Tybe Of Job Number Of Recruits Work Place Release Date
Quality supervisor Quality 2 people Shenzhen 2019-06-11

Job Responsibilities :

1. Responsible for the overall planning of product certification and entrusted testing of the company and customers, and determining appropriate certification institutions;

2. Responsible for the formulation, modification, optimization and improvement of the product certification management system;

3. Responsible for the overall coordination of product certification application, factory audit and testing;

4. Interface with the business side and the certification side, coordinate and solve problems in the certification process, and ensure that the certification schedule meets project requirements;

5. Quality control of PACK battery production process, leading the evaluation and implementation of quality control plan, verifying and supervising the effectiveness of process SOP;

6. IPQC/OQC management training, to ensure that QC can effectively find problems in the process of the first piece, inspection and delivery inspection.

Job Requirements :

1. College degree or above, major in electronics, electrical or mechanical engineering;

2. More than 5 years working experience in product certification and production process quality control (experience in battery PACK factory is preferred);

3. Familiar with the production process of PACK battery and the certification requirements of UL/IEC/KC/CB/ union N388;

4. Understand data statistics and analysis :SPC, FMEA, QC;Familiar with lSO9001:2015 quality management system requirements;

5. Strong cross-department communication, teamwork and execution.

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