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How to Accurately Select the UPS power supply battery for Medical Equipment?

Sep 15 , 2021

Due to the instability and pollution of the mains supply, there are situations such as interrupted mains supply, voltage spikes, frequency drift, etc. UPS power supply batteries play a very critical role in the normal operation of medical equipment, which will directly decide whether the operation of medical equipment is stable or not, and can cause damage to medical equipment and even medical accidents in severe cases. Therefore, equipping medical equipment with proper UPS power supply batteries is the top priority of the relevant staff. Below ACE gives you some opinions on how to accurately select the UPS power supply battery of the medical system.

1. Factor considerations in the design of UPS power supply batteries

From the design and layout of the PCb, to the design of the UPS power supply battery system and the solution to complete machine, different designs have different effects on the operation of the internal components of the machine. For example, the printing design of the PCb board will affect the running signal and current. Therefore, according to different equipment, the UPS power supply battery considered will be different.

2. The size and power density of the UPS power supply batteries

The function of medical equipment, high-precision orientation test, small size and high power are also major considerations. This requires that UPS power supply battery can escort the medical equipment under the conditions of a small on-board high-power area.

3. UPS power supply batteries must have a competitive advantage

(1) Today's price competition of medical equipment is fierce, especially for some small and family medical equipment. Therefore, this requires that important medical equipment UPS power supply batteries should have a competitive price.

(2) The choice of battery capacity. The capacity of the back-up battery can be divided into two types: standard device and extended device. The standard device has a built-in battery, which can prolong the use time of the equipment by 10 to 15 minutes after power failure, while the extended device is generally equipped with a battery cabinet, which can usually extend the use for a longer period of time. In actual use, it is usually selected according to needs.

4. The final question is about choosing a medical system UPS power supply battery manufacturer which is competent

The current supply of medical equipment needs to pass FCC-b and other electromagnetic compatibility and electromagnetic detection, and at the same time pass qualification verification to ensure that UPS power supply batteries can meet various requirements. In addition, the service capabilities of UPS power supply battery manufacturers in medical systems have to be taken into consideration, which involves the care and maintenance of the equipment in the later period. If necessary, please consult.