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Comparison of Square Lithium Battery, Cylindrical Lithium Battery and Flexible Pack Lithium Battery

Oct 25 , 2021

1. Size of lithium prismatic battery

The size of lithium prismatic battery is random which cannot compare with lithium cylindrical battery.

2. Rate capacity of lithium prismatic battery

The process limitation of the lithium cylindrical battery welding multi-tab, so the rate capacity is slightly worse than that of the lithium prismatic battery multi-tab solution.

3. Discharge plateau of lithium prismatic battery

Due to the same positive and negative electrode material and electrolyte are employed, theoretically, the discharge platform is the same, but the internal resistance of the lithium prismatic  battery is slightly superior, so the discharge platform is slightly higher.

4. Product equality of lithium prismatic battery

Lithium cylindrical battery technology is much mature with the two times of slitting pole piece and the low probability of defects, and the winding process is more mature and automated than the lamination process. The lamination process is currently still using semi-manual methods, so it adversely affects the battery quality.

5. Welding battery tab of lithium prismatic battery

Comparing with the lithium prismatic battery, the weld of lithium cylindrical battery is much easier. The lithium prismatic battery is prone to cold joint, leading to negative influence on battery quality.

6. Pack group of lithium prismatic batter

The lithium cylindrical battery is relatively easier to employ, so the PACK solution is simple and the heat dissipation effect is good. The heat dissipation problem should be solved when the lithium prismatic battery is in PACK group.

7. Structural features of lithium prismatic battery

Overall, no matter lithium prismatic battery, lithium cylindrical battery or pouch cell, the reason why at present they embrace the rapid development is that they are well implemented in their own application fields.

According to the different producing methods, lithium battery includes lithium prismatic battery, lithium cylindrical battery and pouch cell.

Each cover has its own features which manifests the pros and cons of various lithium battery. Due to its high safety, lithium prismatic battery can be universally used in passenger cars and commercial vehicles, no matter the pure electric or hybrid vehicles.