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Why Are More and More Electric Vehicles Choosing Lithium-ion Batteries?

Jun 01 , 2021

1. Electric vehicle battery selection lithium ion batteries

Electric vehicle batteries are divided into lead-acid batteries and lithium ion batteries. Compared with lead-acid batteries, we know less about lithium ion batteries. Why do more and more electric vehicle users choose lithium batteries? What are the advantages of lithium batteries?

2. Advantages of lithium ion batteries

Lithium-ion batteries have a long service life that the cycle life of lithium batteries is ≥500 times with charging and discharging at a rate of 1C; while ordinary lead-acid batteries have a cycle life of ≤350 times even if they are charged at 0.15C and discharged at 0.5C.

Lithium-ion batteries have a wide range of temperature adaptation. Lithium batteries can work in the range of -25°C to 55°C, while lead-acid batteries generally can only work in the range of 10°C to 40°C. The self-discharge rate of lithium batteries is low. After the lithium battery pack is fully charged for two months, its capacity is greater than or equal to 80% of the nominal capacity, while ordinary lead-acid batteries are only 40%-50% of the nominal capacity after two months.

Lithium ion batteries have strong battery life. The weight of lithium batteries is much smaller than that of lead-acid batteries. Under the same voltage and capacity, lithium batteries have stronger endurance.

Lithium ion batteries have high energy density. The volume of lithium batteries is much smaller than that of lead-acid batteries, and the energy reserve of lithium batteries in the same space is larger than that of lead-acid batteries.

Lithium ion batteries have a short charging time. Because lithium ion batteries can be charged with high current, the charging time is only 4 to 5 hours, while ordinary lead-acid batteries need 8 to 10 hours.

3. Lithium-ion batteries are good for the environment

Lithium-ion batteries are green and environmentally friendly. Lithium batteries do not contain toxic substances such as lead, mercury and cadmium. Ordinary lead-acid batteries contain heavy metal lead that is harmful to the human body and the environment. Lithium-ion batteries have no memory effect. Ordinary batteries will memorize the user's daily charge and discharge range and mode. It is difficult to change this mode, or continue the large-scale charging or discharging after a long time, but lithium-ion batteries do not have this effect.