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The Latest in Residential Energy Storage

Dec 07 , 2022

ACE's all-in-one energy storage system provides a secure, efficient residential solution with a built-in inverter and LiFePO4 battery packs

ACE's all-in-one storage system was born for the residential energy storage market segment. The system contains a 5.5kW inverter & LiFePO4 battery packs. The lithium-ion storage is scalable from 5kWh to 20kWh. It reduces carbon emissions effectively by improving the self-consumption capacity of the PV storage system, thus reducing the consumer’s electricity consumption effectively as well.

It differs from other solutions in the market in many aspects. It uses sustainable clean energy, providing a complete home energy supply with a real and own grid. The house can continuously rely on sunlight for energy storage via the PV system with DC-side rechargeable. It supports both single and 3-phase emergency power supply, or chooses constant island mode for supplying energy independently. Moreover, it can switch between island mode and grid mode automatically. There is no need for additional control boxes and switches, and no additional energy supply. It has complete energy management. This system has been provided to a large number of customers worldwide, and cases have proved that it is workable and effective.

The solution meets the daily needs of European and American families well. The lithium battery has a cycle life of up to 8,000 times, thus providing a more durable and safer energy storage solution with costs reduced.

ACE reduces the carbon emissions of the product throughout its whole life cycle, and conducts in-depth research and analysis in product development, product manufacturing process and equipment crop rate, from production automation, plant intensification, harmless raw materials, and waste recycling, low-carbon energy consumption and more to reduce the environmental impact during the product production. By 2050, with the carbon-neutral goal aligned with our end-to-end supply chain, all of our products will be carbon-neutral. We work with our suppliers to achieve net-zero emissions from our supply chain by 2060. When the product life ends, our local distributors will provide users with a complete disposal solution.

All-in-one Residential Energy Storage System